Business Awards 2022

Jan22686 Best Hardware Procurement Services Company - Samoa The world needs more experts in the technology space. Despite it being a particularly competitive arena, there’s still room for those looking to drive innovation in technology and ICT. Greenology has become one of the leading entities in the ICT sphere within the APAC region and beyond. Here, we take a closer look at the company following its well-deserved success in the programme. More thananything, Greenology is driven by a need to deliver solutions to its clients. From software development, email services and cloud solutions, to payroll solutions, point of sale advisory and hardware procurement, Greenology aims to be a one stop shop for those looking to revolutionise and reinvigorate their techbased operations. Working in partnership with some of the largest global brands, such as Cisco and Microsoft, Greenology has developed a well-honed team of experts who are on hand to help their clients with whatever they need to ‘level up’ their operations. After all, the technology industry moves swiftly, gaining momentum, and stops for no one. It can be incredibly – notoriously, even – difficult for companies outside of it to keep up with the breakneck speed of developments. Or, even, realise what it is they are missing to give them an advantage on this everdigitised landscape. With its two-pillared approach focusing on quality solutions and customer satisfaction above all else, Greenology made its mark early in the course of its ongoing lifespan. By taking the lead on cost-effective services, Greenology offers an incredible peace of mind to its clients – ensuring that they can do what they do best, while Greenology guarantees they have the technology on hand to secure future scalability. Equally, the technology industry can be a minefield to navigate, peppered with potential pitfalls when it comes to l icensing, futureproofing data, copyright, and security, among many other considerations. Moreover, the degree to which any business needs to consider such variables depends entirely on their industry, region, market and sector. Greenology understands then, that it needs to tai lor its services to the individual . There is no cookie cutter approach when it comes to technology. Each cl ient is very different from the next. This is often where many entities in the sphere stumble – taking shortcuts to solutions that don’t fit the needs of the cl ient. No such approach is taken by Greenology, which endeavours to offer bespoke and tai lored ICT services to all of its cl ients. Perhaps one of the most obvious ways that Greenology embodies its leading position in the market is through the classes it hosts for the local business community in Samoa. These are hosted regularly for those looking to deepen their understanding of current developments and latest advancements within the ICT industry. I t would be remi ss to ignore the serv ice area in which Greenology was recogni sed in the APAC Bus iness Awards : hardware procurement . Here, the company di rect ly sources hardware f rom par tner ing vendors and leading companies al i ke, f rom Apple, Del l , Nov 2028 IBM, Ci sco, Merak i , Sophos and Cambium, among many others . Whatever the cl ient needs , whatever wi l l al low them to level up thei r bus iness – Greenology prov ides . As a partner to its client’s growth, Greenology is an indispensable ally for many. Through its expert services and solutions, it works tirelessly to ensure that its client’s needs are met, its expectations exceeded, and all elements of their ICT requirements are well in hand. Their solutions driven mindset adds substantial value to their clients by transforming their ICT infrastructure. For all of the reasons listed here and previously, Greenology was deservedly recognised within the APAC Business programme. Greenology’s success and efficacy echoes loud and clear through its numerous positive testimonials. “CBS has been using Greenology’s ICT services for over 7 years and I have to say that it has transformed our IT infrastructure to international standards. Their knowledge on Server Virtualization, Backup & DRP, Network Security and Cloud based systems is exceptional, keeping us on track with cutting edge technologies” – CM, Systems Administrator “Tupu Afano has been a part of Go Wireless NZ family and a reliable Partner since 2011. At Go Wireless NZ we believe it’s crucial to always recommend the right solution and Greenology’s way of doing business aligns exactly with that.” – DR, Sales and Managing Director. “Greenology provides extraordinary IT support to NUS ICT requests towards Hardware Procurement, Web Hosting, DNS Hosting as well as providing e-solutions for required services and international standard trainings to build capacities and upskilling of our ICT Team.” - SFT, Director of ICT. “SmoothPay has had the pleasure of a mutually beneficial relationship with Greenology for over a decade.” – MG, CEO/Senior Developer Company: Greenology Website: https://www. Address: Greenology Ltd, Ululoloa St, PO Box 9271, Apia, SAMOA Phone: +685 7779725, +685 7775703 Email: [email protected] “Our fundamental objective is to provide innovative and environmentally friendly ICT Solutions that that would eliminate system problems, creating business efficiency and increase in staff productivity.”