Business Awards 2022

Mar22270 Nov 39 Incontinence affects the day-to-day lives of one in four Australians, including 38% ofwomen and 10% of men. While incontinence is an issue experienced by people of all ages, it is particularly prevalent amongst the ageing, disabled, pregnant, and post-partum communities. For people who experience incontinence, finding the right products for their needs can be expensive, time-consuming, and take a toll on their mental health. The stigma associated with buying incontinence products in-store is often a burden for customers and prevents them from accessing the right products for their individual needs. ConfidenceClub offers a more discreet, affordable, and convenient way for Australians to access the right continence management products for their individual needs. With a focus on providing an exceptional product range and personalised customer support, ConfidenceClub’s direct-to-door service ensures that customers have the everyday essentials they need to live their best lives. In 2017, friends and long-time business partners, Gavin and Garron, wanted to use their entrepreneurial experience to create a business with purpose. After learning about the prevalence of incontinence throughout Australia and how many people struggle to find solutions that work for them, ConfidenceClub was born. Offering sustainable, carbonneutral products that utilise innovative technology for a more comfortable and effective fit, ConfidenceClub is now the go-to online store for thousands of people living with incontinence. ConfidenceClub aims to empower Aussies who might otherwise find it awkward, time-consuming, or expensive to source their incontinence products in-store. By offering a bespoke service that guarantees the right fit or your money back, customers can feel at ease knowing their incontinence needs are taken care of. Indeed, ConfidenceClub’s staff play a tremendous role in its success. They care and genuinely want to help customers – and this really shines through with the company having received thousands of five-star reviews. The team value work that helps people who need support. It is truly a great culture among its people; everyone enjoys and celebrates each other’s successes and making a difference in people’s lives. This plays such a big role in the company’s success as it flows through into how the team serves customers. This is why people who have shopped with ConfidenceClub can’t say enough positive words about the products and service they receive. One customer shares, “Confidence Club always provides very quick delivery. Their products are very well priced and are the best on the market for the protection they give. Someone is always available to give advice and send out samples if you’re unsure of what you need. I will always use these products for all of the above reasons. Thank you, Confidence Club. Best wishes from a very satisfied customer.” While the team have played a key part in the company doing so well, so did covid-19. While the pandemic, unfortunately, had a devastating impact in many areas, it had a silver lining for ConfidenceClub. A lot of people were looking for an alternative to buying in-store as they were worried about stock running off the shelves, or not wanting to go into stores to buy these products to avoid catching the illness, or they couldn’t, due to lockdown restrictions. Now, ConfidenceClub has seen extraordinary success within the APAC Business Awards 2022, and it’s easy to see why, with such dedication to its customers and ensuring they receive the outstanding service they deserve. The company is showing no signs of stopping either with its sights set on expansion, including plans to launch its products in the United Kingdom in January 2023. We are truly rooting for ConfidenceClub as it continues to break the stigma around incontinence and ensuring people don’t feel alone. Company: ConfidenceClub Contact: David Hernandez Email: [email protected] Website: Leading Innovators In Continence Management 2022