Business Awards 2022

Nov22202 Branding is an artform. And, formany of us, this artform is a difficult one to break into. MOSO Branding & Creative offers outstanding strategy, design, and experience in branding, for the future of our business – so that we don’t have to worry. Here we explore MOSO’s work as it wins this award for skilfully shaping each brand’s vision. Based in Shanghai, China, MOSO Branding & Creative is an inspired brand innovation company with a can-do attitude and a plethora of tricks up its sleeve. MOSO believes that “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough,” and this is truly reflected in all that it does for its many clients. In 2019, CEO and Founder, Aria Feng, decided to form MOSO as a response to the pain points of many throughout China. When searching for new ways to create and perfect their brand, many people would find that the entire process was a difficult one to handle. After working for top-tier agencies and corporations as a creative professional, Aria had 20 years of experience with all categories of brand design, advertising, and communications. Aria decided to branch out and create MOSO for people out there who have little to no experience in brand formation, so that they too could experience magic. “Statistically speaking, 46% of entrepreneurs find it difficult to position a new brand, while 21% of them consider it timeconsuming to develop a successful brand presence.” MOSO’s goal is to enchant each brand and give it an irresistible and dynamic makeover, elevating its overall look and deepening its roots to stand the test of time. By empowering new Chinese brands with international standards, and supporting international brands within the Chinese market, MOSO ensures strength, resilience, and revolution for the world as we know it. “Live by the truth. Work with integrity. Keep the heart free.” Being based in Shanghai means that MOSO is located in the biggest market in the world. From this position, it is absolutely possible to innovate and construct a new era for the rest of the globe. In this respect, MOSO is in the best spot it can be, even despite the troubles that arose from the pandemic. With regards to Covid-19, as we know, many businesses suffered greatly. But, with the help and expertise of MOSO, their clients are seeing a brighter future. The pandemic brought about a lot of change, standstills, and even the end for many businesses. But, as the phoenix rises from the ashes, MOSO is stronger than ever before after helping brands battle through the uncertain and tumultuous time. MOSO sustains high standards, simple methodology, and customer focused strategy that acts as a guiding hand for all business endeavours. Supporting international enterprises by making inroads into the Chinese market, MOSO has everything they need to make it global. For the next five years, MOSO plans on continuing that support for businesses around the world, especially opens for Industry 4.0 innovative enterprises in the fields of novel medical solutions, new energy vehicles, and advanced AI. MOSO also aims to step ahead of the curve by embracing new technologies for branding such as me taverse experience and NFT. MOSO Branding & Creative has won Best Brand Design Agency 2022, China, and we are sure to see it stay on top of its game for the years to come. Making things simple, yet significant, MOSO is changing the way we see branding for the near future. Contact: [email protected] Company: MOSO Branding & Creative Web Address: Best Brand Design Agency 2022 – China