Business Awards 2022

Jan22686 We all struggle with self-confidence issues from time to time, and some of us more than others however, there is a plethora of treatments we can receive that inevitably help us to flourish. For beautiful brows and luscious lashes, we’ve found Eyebrow Therapy – a mobile specialist looking to spread the feeling of self-love and acceptance. We hear from personal eyebrow therapist, Ashnay Deo, of Eyebrow Therapy as she wins these excellent awards. Lash Tinting Specialists of the Year - Sydney & APAC Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 Eyebrows and lashes are intricate parts of our face that sculpt, shape, and frame. Creating perfect brows or lashes is something that some of us dream of, but never quite know where to start. However, there’s an outstanding service waiting for you with Eyebrow Therapy. Not only does Eyebrow Therapy perfect our brows, but it also defines and glamorises our lashes. The tinting process doesn’t take long, and it leaves us feeling beautiful, elegant, and striking. Eyebrow Therapy promotes natural beauty and confidence within our own skin – leaving us feeling empowered, happy, and ready to take anything on. Prior to the various lockdowns we had, Ashnay had taken Eyebrow Therapy to a new level. Working on the road, Ashnay has built a repertoire with clients in different locations. By working to their location, Ashnay brings magic right to their doorstep. Travelling the world, Ashnay has taken her skill and passion to distant lands to help people around the globe feel more confident with their appearance. Spreading love and acceptance, Eyebrow Therapy has touched the hearts of many by helping them to love themselves more. Ashnay believes that communication is the most essential part of customer service and, with her many years of experience, she has built an unshakable relationship between herself and her customers. Providing consultation, service, and aftercare is all part of what Brow Therapy does, and it has done so since its inception. Ashnay works tirelessly to change the world, one face at a time. Because of this, Eyebrow Therapy’s collective experience and expertise has won them Lash Tinting Specialists of the Year, Sydney – and their dedication to customer centricity has won the APAC Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 on top. The future is bright for Eyebrow Therapy, and we know hundreds more people will feel confident in their own skin every day because of the services provided. A huge congratulations to Eyebrow Therapy! Contact: Ashnay Deo Company: Eyebrow Therapy Oct 02 “Self-love is the culture I carry highly within my company, in turn spreading to my clients. One must value themselves, meaning carry high self-respect and self-love to ensure they are getting quality service. These are the qualities that is carried within someone who is mindful. It allows a humble, experience of life. Learn, Love and Grow.”