Business Awards 2022

Mar22270 Nov 54 Astrongdedication to responsiblebusiness practices has become a trademark of theworld’s leading companies. At Quest Sustainable Solutions Ltd. (At Quest) certainly understands the importance of committing to the highest of standards when it comes to sustainability and like concerns. Following the company’s distinct evolution in the ESG space, we spoke with Co-Founder and CEO Anveshi Gutta to find out more about At Quest’s mission. There are few topics as pressing in the current business landscape as ESG impact, regardless of industry, field or market. Sustainability remains a critically important consideration for those wanting to maintain a leading position in their sector. Those that overlook or avoid engaging with sustainable and ESG-focused mindsets face stagnation, and worse, redundancy. Equally, clients are realigning their values to best reflect these changing tides – whatever way you look at it, companies of all sizes need to consider their ESG policies to remain relevant. Of course, in the wake of this reinvigorated drive towards lasting sustainable practices, numerous businesses have emerged that specialise in consulting in the space. From the outset, it was crucial for Anveshi to distinguish At Quest from a dynamic and competitive arena. “At Quest Sustainable Solutions sets itself distinctively apart by being focused on driving true impact. In essence, we are purpose-driven in our engagements with our clients, gearing them for the imperative business transition. We are a tech-enabled ESG and Sustainability advisory, implementation firm for corporates taking responsible actions. We take a balanced approach to address both the urgency and longevity of sustainable actions by institutions and individuals. While we bring the technical expertise on ESG to the table, we also have a constant focus on the shift in corporate culture to generate long-lasting momentum.” Naturally, being sustainable means different things for different companies, with each varying on size, region, industry and market, among other considerations. At Quest has forged a reputation for tailoring its solutions to the client, as Anveshi continues. “We are completely cognizant that the outlook of sustainability/ESG varies with each industry and further, with each company within the industry. We believe we need to be specific in our approach and not take cookie-cutter approaches for all businesses. We achieve this in two distinct ways. Firstly, our team spends considerable time to research sectors and their supply chains. This includes creating a ESG heatmap, identifying problem statements, map available solutions to address the industry needs etc. Secondly, this extensive industry research is complemented with clientspecific research before-hand to ensure that we are contextual from an early stage.” “In addition to this, we have developedmethodologies and guides that our teamuses to execute our client engagements in a planned and structuredmanner. In effect, this pre-baked research, methods and solutions gives us opportunities to focus on client value, much beyond the defined outputs of each engagement.” There can be no denying though, that pursuing sustainable solutions remains critical for all businesses, in all industries. As a result, the teamat At Quest has developed a keen ability for adaptation and dynamism. ForAnveshi, this has helpedAt Quest to growover the last fewyears – an impressive feat – andmoving hand in handwith the surging growth in sustainable business practices. The future for At Quest, in many ways, remains one of continuation – continuing to grow, innovate and develop in a spacewith a very bright future indeed. As Anveshi takes a moment to explain as he makes his concluding comments. “We are looking forward to scaling up our corporate engagements and drive value. Wewant to be partners on the sustainability journeys of our clients, supporting their long-termvisionwith the appropriate near-term actions. At Quest is uniquely positioned to do this, thanks to our distinct CLIMASTACK suite, the rigour of our Climate Care Maturity Model and our distinct employee-centric solutions. We are a social enterprise and will measure our success based on the impact our work delivers to our clients and their stakeholders, including the community and the planet.” Company: At Quest Sustainable Solutions Private Limited Name: Anveshi Gutta Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Bangalore, India Telephone: +91 96110 24447 Best Emerging ESG & Sustainability Consultancy - South Asia “Our team is constantly committed to our foundational principles – Innovate, Inspire and Impact.”