Business Awards 2022

Jan22686 FeFbe2b225233869 For over 20 years, VIVA! Communications Pty Ltd has serviced the healthcare sector region, specialising in the medical, pharmaceutical, hospital, and biotech arena. Headquartered in Sydney, VIVA! is a leading, proudly independent, awardwinning health and wellness communications agency servicing Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Its services cover medicines and medical devices, medical research institutes and the community health, and wellness and lifestyle sectors. VIVA! is not an agency that thrives on numbers and profits, it is an Australian-based agency which draws from its many affiliates and partners to guarantee its high-level service. An example is the exclusive membership VIVA! has with the Global Health Marketing & Communications (GHMC) – the most significant independent health and science communications agency partnership worldwide. The extensive and professional network VIVA! has crafted enables it to successfully coordinate culturally sensitive PR campaigns of local, regional, and global orientation for leverage in major Asia-Pacific markets. In addition, as a proactive and trusted partner, VIVA! continuously shares invaluable insights and resources with its clientele. Its unique expertise allows it to approach health and wellness representatives confidently and provide the most optimal service for any healthcare communicator in the market. The results have been that over the last five years, 40% of its revenue has been acquired outside of Australia. VIVA! has developed a talented team thanks to its understanding of what dynamics are required to forge what it needs. With a focus on science, journalism, and digital communications skills, VIVA! ensures that any new personnel complement its already talented group of healthcare professionals. VIVA! is well-versed in the complexities of health systems and knows how to communicate in an increasingly globalised world effectively. Its wealth of knowledge regarding the ever-changing regulatory environment of the region, combined with its honest and transparent approach to its counsel, has paved the way for the agency’s success. The VIVA! digital strategists, are adept at influencing health and wellness across digital platforms. With its full suite of integrated digital solutions, VIVA! strategically manages conversations and encounters across various digital platforms and social media channels to meet business objectives. In addition, thanks to its “owner agency-led” model – where the company is not weighed down by ‘red tape’ or bureaucracy – the agency is not only capable of thinking and acting strategically but also creatively. After purchasing new offices in Milsons Point in Sydney, it plans to ensure the renovations reflect its modern, yet sophisticated, brand with plans to relocate sometime in March 2023. 2023 is expected to be a year of massive change for VIVA! through a rebrand, refreshed website, and expanded client mix. In addition, new talented staff members are expected to join in January and February to enable additional 360c services to be offered in-house, allowing the management team to be highly excited about the future trajectory of the agency. VIVA! continues to be recognised as Australia’s leading independent healthcare communications agency thanks to its incredible industry recognition. Its many nominations have further proved this with a plethora for 2022 and its award for the Best Health & Wellness Communications Agency of 2022. With these successes, VIVA! is looking to continue delivering successful communications campaigns that make a real difference in patients’ lives whilst positively impacting society. Overall, VIVA! will spend 2023 and beyond continuing to deliver work that meets and exceeds its clients’ objectives. Its award-winning track record is a testament to how well-equipped it is to meet those aims. Contact: Paul Jans Company: VIVA! Communications Pty Ltd Web Address: https:// Best Health &Wellness Communications Agency 2022 Oct 58 Having earned an enviable reputation for delivering proactive, innovative, versatile, and outcomes-driven work, VIVA! Communications Pty Ltd. is an agency hosting a team of dynamic and collaborative communication specialists that allow its clients to navigate even the most complex healthcare environments.