Business Awards 2022

Feb22538 Based in India, Coact Imprints has swiftly made a name for itself as a leading provider of print services to publishers and corporates across the APAC region. Based in one of the world’s largest, and fastest growing economies, the team have built a business to be reckoned with. We take a closer look at the firm in the light of their extraordinary success. What does it really mean to be called specialists? For the team at Coact Imprints, being a specialist means knowing precisely how to meet complex challenges and produce results that are truly stunning for clients. When people have bespoke printing requirements, they look to this team to make their dreams come true. Of course, producing these leading products is no easy task. It takes the wealth of expertise that the Coact Imprints team can offer to make the process as straightforward as possible. They are able to leverage their research and resources to create a solution for their clients’ specific needs that always go above and beyond. With more than 250 million books manufactured for over 75 clients in over 55 locations around the world, it’s clear that this is a teamwith a track record without comparison. The team regularly work with private publishing companies as well government supply tenders. The turnkey solutions for which the Coacts Imprints team have become renowned include many different areas of publishing including book design, development, layouts, printing and binding. No matter what stage your intended publication is at, the Coacts Imprints team are the ideal partners to make sure that your customers can enjoy reading it at the first opportunity. The team’s philosophy is built around delivering quality products each and every time, with a quality assurance process that guarantees excellence for all. The process, PAMPC is simple, following the cycle of Plan-Act-Monitor-PerformCheck. Every department follows the same code of conduct, adhering strictly to ensure that as far as possible they follow the procedures involved. The result is quality that is truly exceptional. Whilst such a carefully developed set of procedures is carefully curated, it does not mean the team is stuck in its ways. For them, adaptability to rapidly changing circumstances is crucial, and one of the defining characteristics of the business. Staff are all given the chance to bring about changes in their workspaces which allow for a more efficient firm. The aim is to empower people to feel like they own and have responsibility for where they work. The recruitment process is one where the ability to adapt to change is heavily taken into consideration at all times from the outside. Being based in India has provided Coact Imprints with a truly amazing set of opportunities to thrive. Being situated in one of the world’s largest economies, on the west coast of Mumbai and close to JNPTSea Port, one of the biggest sea ports in India, there are some truly breath-taking opportunities when it comes to moving forward. The potential of the region is truly enormous, with the team able to reach out easily into countries such as Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea and Taiwan. Few can argue with the immense quality that goes into every aspect of Coact Imprints, and the quality of their product really does speak for itself. Despite the challenges of the pandemic to many, this business saw incredible growth which has yet to slow down. With India representing one of the largest commercial printing markets in the Asia Pacific region, there is enormous potential for this business continue its incredible expansion. We cannot wait to see what they do next! Company: Coact Imprints Name: Mrs. Jyotsna Chugh Email: [email protected] Web Address: Best Specialist Printing House - India Oct22233