Business Awards 2022

May22239 With the technology change and how consumers interact with information, there is a constant need to adapt marketing and advertising to meet new demands. For example, a digital signage network is the most suitable advertising platform for niche or targeted marketing, unlike TV and radio broadcasting. Experts in digital signage, Cayin Technology, know this better than anyone. Cayin Technology has proven itself time and time again that it is trustworthy and reliable. Based in Taipei, Taiwan, it produces industrial-grade digital signage appliances for various scales of applications and long-term stability. In addition, Cayin provides further tailored services so that what it offers meets its customer’s requirements in their totality. As a result, it maintains an almost limitless portfolio of applications. For marketing, educational, placemaking, advertising, and wayfinding purposes, Cayin is the premier service source. Its digital signage – also referred to as electronic billboards or digital signs – makes the most of multimedia displays and interactive platforms to ensure its clients can convey relevant information whilst engaging their targeted audiences. From retailers to corporations, Cayin brought a safer way for companies to communicate and connect with customers during the pandemic and continues to provide innovative solutions to all digital signage needs. Under the impact of COVID-19, Cayin seized the chance to lead the way in contactless interactive solutions for various businesses. From media players to servers, with software designed for Digital out-of-home networks, Cayin understands the needs of different digital signage users. It has developed a complete integration product line for all. Whether its partners have a single or multiple media players located across one or several locations, its partners can make customised adjustments and coordinate effortlessly. For example, Cayin’s latest digital signage software allows companies to create QR codes by entering website or landing page URL links and displaying QR codes on the screen. By scanning the QR code, customers receive instant access to the website, wayfinding maps, or detailed product information on their mobile phones. In addition, Cayin’s solutions offer automatic customer service, thus maintaining high-quality service while protecting the safety of its employees. Cayin maintains a reputation as a dependable partner to clients worldwide and has won glowing references. It actively participates in the rollout of digital signage projects in various out-of-home venues, such as schools, retail, hospitality, corporation, museum, transportation, government, and financial institutions. The company is an adhocracy, constantly evolving within the highly competitive tech industry. Cayin welcomes innovation and encourages individual experimentation, as taking risks is the key to its digital signage solutions and gives Cayin’s its competitive edge. Cayin continues to innovate with newer technologies and is devoted to providing customers with new media solutions that offer a competitive edge. This is all thanks to its experienced and professional R&D team that provides time-to-market products and customisation services. Hence, Cayin looks for forward-thinking collaborators who adapt to change. The results speak for themselves; this year, Cayin has rolled out two new products, Cloud Service and Flexi Solution, to enhance user experience and digital management. It has improved its current products to help them achieve a new range of accessibility. The latter is exemplified by the launch of Android and iOS mobile apps to simplify onthe-go updates and remote management. Meanwhile, the former, Flexi Solution, is an all-in-one digital signage management system designed to fit all businesses and budgets. Furthermore, the near future will see Cayin deploying various apps that integrate user needs to streamline their experience. Cayin also looks forward to improvements and collaborations with hardware and software vendors in different vertical markets and building a sustainable ecosystem. Its Cloud Service stands as a testament to what it has been able to achieve thus far. It provides effortless CMSWS and CMS-SE installation and maintenance on Amazon’s AWS platform. As a result, clients can make the most out of the AWS platform in the shortest time possible. As technology develops inside and outside the company, Cayin will continue to adapt its service to fit the market’s needs. This award serves as recognition for all the good it has done so far and as a title to maintain. Regardless of where it chooses to grow and expand on its path of constant innovation, one thing remains unchanged – Cayin Technology eagerly looks forward to being its client’s most dependable partner! Contact: Meg Kwong Company: Cayin Technology Co. Ltd. Web Address: Most Innovative Digital Signage Solutions Provider – East Asia Oct 353