Business Awards 2022

Jan22686 Having grown slightly and taken on more challenging work over the past twelve months, it has further solidified its position as one of the best steel fabrication contractors in New Zealand.More than well equipped to contend with even the largest of firms, proving precisely why smaller firms remain so successful. Steel Fabrication Contractor of the Year 2022 – New Zealand Small, customerfocused steelworks and fabricators hold an ever-growing market share and importance as the desire for bespoke work, as more personable and approachable service continues to grow. No one understands this better than the team at Legacy Steel Ltd, a steel fabrication and erection business operating from the industrial hub of Onehunga, Auckland. Legacy Steel isn’t aiming to be the largest steel fabricator in New Zealand – it is simply one of the best. As a business that keeps itself in such high standing with its customers, it helps clients from small residential builders to large commercial construction companies to flourish. Legacy Steel pride itself on treating everyone’s project equally and continues to support them throughout the process. Another critical principle propelling Legacy Steel to this title is the dedication to treating everyone’s projects as uniformly important. There is no picking and choosing its work – if a client needs help, the team provides it. The team wholeheartedly believes that this is the true essence of service, and the dedication to reaching outside of its comfort zone at times to ensure the client receives exactly what they need is a level of service its competitors do not match. The key element that ensures this is possible is the toptier staff. It provides such a high level of service to its clients through a team of tradespeople who are proficient at what they do and care about the quality of the work they produce. Since Legacy Steel last received an award from APAC Insider it has enjoyed a growth in its team from nine people to thirteen. Legacy Steel has also expanded its offerings to the market to include in-house steel erection teams. Expansion during a busy employment market in Auckland has been complex, and it has committed itself to continue finding only the right tradespeople to fit the team. Additionally, Legacy Steel has been certified with SiteWise Safety Accreditation. Most Tier 1 and 2 construction companies in New Zealand require this third-party safety accreditation. This furthers Legacy Steel’s commitment to safety, from staff training to on-the-job implementation, so that it can take on any challenge, even during tough times. During the second half of the pandemic, NewZealand experienced some of the strictest restrictions imposed by any government for an extended time. Yet the firm now has an order book that is full well into the newyear, and Legacy Steel continues to operate the workshop at total capacity. In true Legacy Steel fashion, its core crew has been loyal and pushed forward – achieving results throughout Auckland for its clients. Since Legacy Steel’s last award, it has also completed larger and more complex projects. While undertaking these already challenging tasks, its team has managed through trialling and training new team members in roles throughout the company. On-site, its teams are now becoming establishedwith each other, and Legacy Steel has the right people in the right roles, allowing the firm to focus on maintaining its current volumes and position in the marketplace whilst maintaining its high levels of quality and safety. Legacy Steel’s continued dedication to consistency with its work and staffing has manifested in a more tight-knit team on-site, in the workshop, and across the company. This has allowed for better communication across departments and more meaningful, and fruitful, client relationships. For a customerfacing organisation like Legacy Steel this is precisely what it has always wanted. Again, Legacy Steel Ltd isn’t aiming to be the largest player in the game, its focus is to remain one of the best. And it is consistently proving itself, one project at a time. Contact: Daryl Warren Company: Legacy Steel Ltd Web Address: Oct 469 “We’re not just building a project, but creating the client’s legacy!”