Business Awards 2022

Jan22686 FeFbe2b225233869 Advising clients on many legal matters – from court representation and negotiations to drafting simplewills, contracts, and agreements – BMS Lawtakes pride in being a client-focused boutique law practice that draws from over 50 years of combined legal experience in the territories it operates within. Across Australia, Singapore and Malaysia, companies and individuals praise BMS Law as a one-stop shop for all their legal needs. BMS Law is a general law practice focusing on litigation and dispute resolution that manages legal matters across Singapore, Australia, and Malaysia, and represents all levels of clients. As a boutique law practice, BMS Law finds that it can accomplish far better results with a small, tight-knit team of like-minded individuals than with its rival law practices. Its lawyers readily assist clients with complex litigious court matters and steadily provide, and are rewarded for, passion and creativity in the approach to every problem or concern they face. This comes from the care BMS Law takes in recruiting members to its team. BMS Law doesn’t simply employ individuals with the best results at law school. On the contrary, BMS Law looks for all-rounders who can work independently and have the ambition to become someone to be respected in the legal industry. As a result, BMS Law has many repeat clients who refer the firm to others. When approached for comment, clients state that this is because of BMS Law’s strict attention to detail and global approach to legal practice. With clients numbering in the 100s – and most of its reported cases heard in the Supreme Courts of the nations it operates in – BMS Law isn’t just a onestop shop for customer focused services, but a premier boutique law firm capable of covering a mighty swathe of legal issues at even the highest stage. As a general law practice, BMS Law also advises on legal matters such as simple wills, drafting commercial documents, and assisting with many other outof-court issues. BMS Law has humble roots, having grown into the established and reputable law firm it is now through its many experiences and cases. Formally known as Bachoo Mohan Singh barrister and solicitor, its founding lawyer, Mr Bachoo Mohan Singh, has represented many highprofile clients, companies, and other entities over the years. Mr. Singh has many reported court case decisions under his care, and is regularly featured in reputable publications such as the Straits Times Singapore over the years. Mr. Singh continues to practice across Singapore and Australia. In Singapore, he is assisted by Ms Sunanda Koh, who mainly practices family law, estates, and commercial and corporate law and Mr Too Xing Ji who is a civil and criminal litigation lawyer. Together, alongside the rest of the talented and experienced team, they bring a wealth of knowledge covering all legal matters. Meanwhile, the Australian office is managed by Mr Jay Mohan Singh, a litigation and dispute resolution lawyer. Located in Perth, Western Australia, BMS Law has operated, to great success, for over 20 years. It practises in various Australian courts, such as the Supreme Court of Western Australia, the Federal Court of Australia, the Warden’s Court, and many others, covering matters in and outside of the courtroom to the same exacting standard as the rest of the firm. Over the last few years, BMS Law has worked to expand its services and become a household name for all possible legal assistance. An example of this expansion is how BMS Law offers a range of Australian migration and immigration services alongside its preexisting services. These include preparing and lodging various Australian visa applications, advice on visa refusals, and representing clients in AAT and the Federal Court of Australia. This expansion, and the continued hard work of the BMS Law teams across two nations, is central to its receipt of the award for West Australia’s Litigation Lawyers of the Year 2022 award. BMS Law is a firm that finds new ways to help at every turn; its continued growth and the success of its services work as preludes to the success yet to come. Contact: Jay Mohan Singh Company: BMS Law Web Address: Litigation Lawyers of the Year 2022 –WA Oct 127