Business Awards 2022

Feb22538 Melding a unique culturewithprofessionalism, and superior commercial acumenAnaiwanAdvisory’s services combine commercial, procurement and legal expertise to offer their clients a unique and holistic service to clients in the not-for-profit and government industry sectors and supporting Aboriginal communities. Anaiwan Advisory is a 100% Aboriginal, veteran-owned and operated commercial advisory firm. The name was specifically chosen to spark a conversation and remain firmly in the minds of those who encounter the firm. Anaiwan Advisory believes that meaningful change for Aboriginal people happens best when it is driven by Aboriginal people, not just for them. Thus, the firm was founded with a desire to further the rights of its communities to determine their own futures. Beyond supporting the First Nation communities of Australia, Anaiwan Advisory has developed a strategic partnership with Black Ink Legal (Corporate and Commercial); enabling the partnership to provide robust and meaningful change in the commercial, procurement, and legal sectors by providing thought leadership stemming from over 40 years of combined experience. This experience vest across a diverse team of experts and thought leaders. The members specialisations covering commercial, procurement, legal and training services with their combined professional and personal lived experiences forge a unique offering that very few can imitate. For example, its founding director, Kris Wozniak, is a Veteran and Aboriginal man proud of his service to country and his people’s historical place within it. Hailing from the Anewan Country, whose traditional lands span the Northern Tablelands in New South Wales, he brings a unique perspective and respect born not just from his culture, but also his years of practice. Kris has worked across all tiers of government, in ASX100 listed companies and on major capability and sustainment projects specialising in procurement events like the Commonwealth Games. The zeal and passion that Kris brings to every client and partner is equally matched by the rest of his brilliant team. The firm develops healthy and collaborative business relationships based on foundations of trust, a desire for innovation and exploration of commercially pragmatic solutions to problems. The Anaiwan Advisory team brings its passion to assisting clients in establishing strategic commercial frameworks and providing exemplary professional services. Anaiwan Advisory provides a range of commercial services to assist navigating those out-ofleft-field situations that arise in business, tailoring its services around clients individual and unique needs. Even as early as the initial consultation, Anaiwan identifies clients’ business challenges and what it can offer to best solve issues. Its offerings include complex bidding and tender support, procurement planning and implementation within complex and heavily regulated industries. Whether clients need support in an advisory or auditing capacity, its probity services support evaluation teams and executives throughout tender processes to ensure objective, fair and reasonable process is undertaken to achieve value for money. Through Anaiwan’s innovative partnership with Black Ink Legal, clients can leverage broad expertise to supplement their existing teams run their commercial or procurement projects from conceptual design through to delivery. The Anaiwan Advisory and Black Ink Legal partnership supports clients strategic planning and implementation to help facilitate ideal outcomes. For example, making quick data-driven decisions is often challenging, but the Anaiwan Advisory and Black Ink Legal partnership’s advisory service is well equipped to assist in its client’s stead. The team’s ability to quickly collect and convert raw data into actionable insights with customised dashboards, providing options and predictable outcomes that have proven both essential and immeasurably helpful. Anaiwan Advisory is a firmwhere passion and expertise manifest in the best possible results for all its clients and partners. From advisory services to procurement training, Anaiwan’s bespoke services account for all its client’s organisational requirements. The extensive nature of its offerings and the glowing testimonials of satisfied clients, highlights precisely why Anaiwan Advisory is one of Australia’s leaders in Commercial Management. With its passion for the Anewan country, supporting Aboriginal people in general – and its craft, there is no doubt it leads the way as an example to be followed. Contact: Kristopher Wozniak Company: Anaiwan Advisory Web Address: Leaders in Commercial Management – Australia Sep22536