Business Awards 2022

May22239 For businesses around theworld, technology plays an important part in ensuring that they can serve customers to ever higher standards, and scale quickly to beat the competition. Epergne Solutions is the partner that keeps many companies at the forefront of what the world has to offer. We take a closer look at the team following their success in the APAC Business Awards 2022 In January 2020, Epergne Solutions was founded. With businesses around the world searching for ways to implement stunning new technological solutions, this team were committed to provide myriad services to meet these demands. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and the region went into lockdown. The continued success of Epergne Solutions, therefore, is a tribute to their hard work and dedication to their clients. For nearly three years, the team have worked immensely hard to become the go-to solution provider for their clients’ digital transformation needs. With services that include application development, AI machine and learning, UI/UX design development, mobile backend service, digital commerce and IT staffing solutions, there is very little that the team cannot offer to ensure success in this endeavour. Part of the key to their success is the team’s dedication to ensuring total customer satisfaction. As a young business, they have quickly managed to earn a reputation for excellence, providing the right solutions in a kind and friendly way. The aim of the team has always been to ensure repeat business, and this is only achieved through a high standard of service, deliverables and a great customer journey for the client. With these as the benchmarks, it’s easy to see how well they deliver. A key part of ensuring this is maintaining high standards within the staff who work at Epergne Solutions. The Epergne Solutions team are currently based in Singapore, Philippines andAustralia, but theydo service customers in the ASEAN region including Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. New staff are not just hired because of their technical skill, therefore. They need to be friend makers, deal makers and passionate about what they do. Working across so many countries is no easy feat for any business, and the APAC Region presents unique challenges when compared to the rest of the world. Different cultures and regulations and languages have to be understood and accounted for at all times. Developing this understanding has been crucial to the Epergne Solutions team’s continued expansion throughout the region. For customers, this does mean that when Epergne Solutions is involved with the digital transformation of your business, you can be certain that they really do understand the challenges you face. To them, this deep understanding, both of the clients they work for, and the situation that they are working in, is crucial to developing the right path forward. No two situations are the same, and defining these differences is key. Looking ahead, it’s clear that Epergne Solutions has great plans ahead. As the world begins to settle down after the COVID-19 pandemic breakout, the need for a digital transformation is clearer than ever before. Needless to say, the plan is to grow the company multifold and expand to other countries. The response thus far from customers has been overwhelmingly positive and is driving the team to be ever more ambitious in their work. The digital revolution is here, and those who do not make progress will simply not stay the course. We celebrate the efforts of the team from Epergne Solutions and look forward to what they do in the future! Company: Epergne Solutions Pte Ltd Name: Saikiron Menon Email: [email protected] Web Address: Best Digital Transformation Consultancy 2022 - Singapore Oct 0 4