Business Awards 2022

Sep22569 Incredible Solar and Energy Solutions is a family-run 100%Australian Owned and Certified Business. With an experience of seven years in the industry, it has qualified, trained, and customer-friendly staff to assist customers with even the smallest query regarding solar and energy efficient solutions. Incredible Solar and Energy Solutions is dedicated to reaching out and helping the Australian community to make a positive impact towards mother nature by going green. This is done by harnessing clean energy available in abundance in Australia and around the world. It strives towards providing innovative and affordable clean energy solutions without compromising on quality, thus helping Australians to take control of their energy bills by employing renewable and sustainable systems that pay for themselves. The company began its operations as a solar provider in September 2020. Having been a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer and Solar Victoria authorised provider since January 2021, it has installed over 1.5 megawatts of solar panels across inner and outer suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. From July 2022, it started installing the most energy efficient system or electric air source hot water system known as “HEAT Pump” to replace the inefficient gas based hot water systems. Its objective is to supply and install high quality solar power and energy efficient systems at a very affordable price that creates value for money, leading to customer satisfaction and ongoing improvements in process efficiency. Incredible Solar and Energy Solutions specialises in solar and battery storage solutions for residential homes, installing 4kW-13kW solar panel and battery storage systems over new and established homes (single and double storey) across Metro Melbourne. Alongside this, it installs the most energy efficient heat pump (electric air source) hot water systems in residential homes across Melbourne. The company believes in delivering the best customer service pre- and post-sales. Its aim is to provide 100% customer satisfaction throughout the journey of the customer, from initial consultation through to helping the customer with any queries beyond completion of the project. Also, providing great value through aftersales service includes bill comparison, which guides customers with the best available energy deals in the market. The team strives to resolve customer complaints within 24-48 hours, responding as promptly as they can by phone or in-person. They over exceed customer expectations when it comes to pre- and postsales, maintaining these high standards by following the code of conduct set out by the Clean Energy Council in order to raise the bar in the solar industry. In Victoria, there is high competition in this industry. It is also flooded with inexperienced and under skilled people running businesses, whose solutions are observed as unsustainable within a short period of time. However, the Incredible Solar and Energy Solutions team’s experience of seven years along with relevant skills has helped the company to grow and sustain, even during the difficult times of COVID-19. With people being at home, energy usage increased a lot, which in turn provided a lot of opportunities in terms of number of sales – Although there were a few bumps of not being able to undertake installations for a period of six months, but the company was able to get back to it once the restrictions were lifted. Overall, the impact of the pandemic was positive in terms of developing new strategies and improving processes within the business. Being a family-run business serving mainly the Melbourne Metro region, the internal culture is friendly and supportive. The business owner, Samarth Turekar is a qualified engineer with a project management degree and more than 10 years’ project management experience. He seeks to recruit team members with experience of more than five years in installing solar panels and he oversees each installation to ensure it meets the quality and safety standards. Being collaborative with the installers helps the business to exchange quality processes during installation and maintain high levels of quality workmanship. As a business, Incredible Solar and Energy Solutions have zero tolerance towards poor workmanship. Now, the company is focused on the bright future ahead of it, where it is looking to add more energy efficient products to its portfolio, with heating and cooling upgrades under approval process from Solar Victoria. It will also continue to add more products and brands under hot water systems. In addition, it is looking to start independent business operations in other states of Australia. We at APAC Insider are truly rooting for Incredible Solar and Energy Solutions as it keeps going from strength to strength. Company: Incredible Solar and Energy Solutions Contact: Samarth Turekar Email: [email protected] Website: Best Solar Power Systems Provider - VIC