Business Awards 2022

Jan22686 Since 1993, Design Point Consult Private Limited, or DPC for short, has been streamlining the town and regional planning process. From producing ground-breaking technologies to following cultural values, DPC is revolutionary, brining a newwave of planning processes to the forefront of the industry. Best Town & Regional Planning Company 2022 - India Founded in 1993, Design Point Consult Pt. Ltd., a multidisciplinary design firm, is the creation of Dr, B.K. Patel. With more than 25 years of proven expertise in project design and delivery, DPC boasts experience regional and master planning, town planning schemes and townships, infrastructure engineering, and urbanism, to heritage conservation and restoration, landscape, industrial, commercial, institutional, educational, healthcare, residential, surveying, and software development segments. The past couple of decades have seen DPC grow from strength to strength, developing a diverse team due to its commitment to client-centricity and quality design. As such, it is currently working towards building a comprehensive international network. Its goals are centred around serving society with ethics and morals, and of course, to the best of its knowledge with high precision. However, its fundamental mission is to work globally with its work being underpinned by Indian heritage and cultural values. The Sanskrit phrase ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ – meaning ‘The World Is One Family’ – informs much of DPC’s work, and it utilises this phrase and ideology to navigate customer service and interactions within the company. In essence, DPC believes that everyone should be treated fairly and with compassion. DPC cites the main challenges in its region as urbanisation with respect to the degree of urbanisation. Providing worldclass facilities in urban and semi-urban areas is a hurdle that DPC is looking to get past, and this challenge is being further emphasised by the migration from rural to urban areas. In addition, it believes that sustainability needs to be addressed, with science leading the way forward. Each of these elements have culminated in the proposal of holistic regional planning throughout both urban and rural areas, and this is something that DPC hopes to delve into. Within the company, the team works as a family, and DPC Sep 553 has harvested an environment that breeds collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Training is something that DPC emphasises, and it constantly strives to provide its staff with the latest knowledge, especially in terms of the latest technology and new research in the field. Furthermore, when recruiting new staff members, DPC takes a number of factors into consideration such as what the potential recruits experience is and what their backgrounds are. Simply, the company wants to hire the best of the best. Since it has a vast field of experience alongside a range of computer skills, DPC has developed a range of technologies that streamline planning submissions. By doing this, DPC has minimised human error by introducing digitisation to an outdated process, and on top of this, it has shortened the approval process from 12 months to around 30 days. As such, the company’s next goal is to expand the use of this product on a global scale. Contact: Dr. B K Patel Company: Design Point Consult Pt. Ltd. Web Address: