Business Awards 2022

Jan22686 Best Full-Service Marketing & Design Agency 2022 - NSW As the winners of both the above accreditation and the award for the ‘Most Impactful Small Business 2022’ in New South Wales, this expert in marketing, communications, and outreach has made its name in the provision of no-nonsense marketing solutions. Its front-running, empathic, and comprehensive solutions cover all manner of different channels, with clients able to make the most of the positive business change that is brought about by its branding and marketing management services. Able to adapt alongside its clients’ needs – as well as able to fit itself to companies across different sizes and scales – Australian based firm Banter Group has secured its position as a partner to the businesses it works with. Ostensibly, its clients can work with them in whatever capacity they have need to, and often it finds them commissioning them for a variety of its services instead of just one or two; that being said, it can handle small projects as well as huge ones, and is never daunted by a challenge. In this way, Banter’s services span everything from brand design to marketing strategy, creative or graphic design, web development, social media management, campaign planning and implementation, videography, photography, SEM, SEO, digital media buying, training, and more. Due to the breadth and depth of these services, Banter works with over 350 different clients has it conducting outreach and marketing solutions of all types, helping clients to achieve a myriad of unique goals. Indeed, Banter Group has benefitted from the diversity of clients who put their faith in them as they have been able to grow and develop each of its solutions to be highly tailorable. From regional businesses to international powerhouses, Banter Group’s values of outstanding corporate ethics, forward thinking services and strategies, empathic client relationship building, and an internal commitment to treating others as one would wish to be treated all have helped it to secure its place in the global marketing and design spotlight. No matter the project scale, business size, or specifications, Banter Group will always commit itself 100% to the client and the task at hand. This allows it to respond effectively in the face of huge landmark change, both for its market segment and the world in the macro scale, such as the changes brough on by the pandemic. In many ways, the outbreak has rendered previous marketing trends obsolete, ushering in a new paradigm. This is a challenge that Banter Group worked with its clients to be able to rise to, ensuring each of them felt, more than ever, the truth in the familial atmosphere it strives to cultivate in all of its efforts. For Banter Group, ‘the computer doesn’t say no’; the people say yes. This makes for a two-pronged business wherein one side of the coin focuses its team and the second pushes forward towards bigger, better, and more effective marketing for the businesses it serves, implementing them seamlessly and to immediate, tangible benefit. Indeed, they make themselves an extension of their clients’ own team. The staff within its own ranks uphold this outstanding standard of service byway of attentive, impeccable, and goal-oriented service. All enquiries are responded to within 8 hours – and most proposals within 72 hours – in order to ensure that clients feel seen, heard, Sep 570 and supported throughout the process of developing a marketing roadmap, its high standard deliverables contributing to the growth of its team through maintaining good client relations. After all, once a client has experienced the excellence that Banter Group works with, they often stick around. Therefore, Banter Group has become a one-stop-shop for many businesses all over the world as it continually strives for excellence, creating work that it is proud to deliver to its clients, and that its team are excited to include in their portfolios as examples of their efforts. Banter wants its clients to also be able to also enjoy pride in the work, and therefore it makes sure that each of its services are visibly impeccable. This has developed an atmosphere within the market that has propelled it into the spotlight, with the clients within this segment respecting its experience and valuing the contributions it makes as it successfully creates marketing and design products and strategies that centre the client’s specifications and better their current ideas. After all, its clients come to it for its expertise as a starting point. Thus, underpinning each of the goalposts it sets out to achieve is the development of a relationship with its clients. It sees marketing and design as a two-way street in which the connection between the two businesses in question is paramount to success, achieving this by making sure each staff member is operating empathically, sensitively, and with enthusiasm in order to make each task a passion project. Crucially, this culture of supporting one another, continuous learning, and enjoying what it does sets it head and shoulders above its peers. With a population of 50,000 and a job crisis in regional Australia, Banter Group finds it more important than ever to look after its staff, especially with all the tumult the region has gone through due to international and national disaster wreaking havoc on the economy. Its response to this has been increased in-house support, increased corporate social responsibility, and a further solidification of its commitment to flexible working that understands the needs of their employees in and out of the office. Specifically, it achieves this by way of its training schemes, support methods, and downtime or team building activities. The future for Banter Group is bright. Continuing to grow its team in order to support ever-rising demand whilst maintaining its intrinsic excellence, it looks forward to recruiting three more new roles including a Studio Manager and Operations Manager in order to help it with its own strategic growth plans. Despite having the odds stacked against them from day 1, Banter Group promises that its dedication to the clients and their successwill