Business Awards 2022

May22239 Sep2 571 Passive fire protection is often an afterthought during the construction process, with it being viewed as an unfortunate necessity rather than a critical part of the safety infrastructure. There are many out there who are willing to look the other way when it comes to defective workmanship if it means the job gets done at a cheap price. Ceasefire PFP is on a mission to change that, to promote the professionalisation of the industry. Most people are vaguely familiar with ‘active’ fire protection such as fire alarms and fire sprinklers, but not many outside of the construction industry have heard of ‘passive’ fire protection. Passive fire protection is more about slowing, isolating, and compartmentalising the spread of a fire rather than actively extinguishing it or warning occupants of its presence. Ceasefire is a passive fire protection company that offers services such as vermiculite spray, intumescent coatings, and service penetration seals, typically for main building contractors in construction who oversee a building project from start to finish. Their team is led by the general manager, Slayde Tana, who says that he takes personal satisfaction in the work having lost his family home to a fire as a child. The company’s main goal is to offer a professional service while also maintaining a competitive price. It has successfully achieved this for a range of construction build, restoration, and repair projects including Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney International Airport, The Lennox Parramatta, Roselands Shopping Centre, and more. The Ceasefire team strives to satisfy the fire protection requirements of its clients, so long as it does not conflict with the high standards they aim towards. This is easier said than done, as a client may want something that does not comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) or the test reports – because the team always installs passive fire solutions and systems that are tested and approved according to the standards set by the BCA. It is sometimes difficult to strike a balance between the financial, practical, and safety requirements of a construction project, too. The company has to deliver a quality service at a reasonable price without compromising its professional integrity or the safety of its staff. However, Ceasefire has a knowledgeable team who always keeps updated on the latest developments within the industry. This is important for its client service since part of its role is in educating others on the requirements and importance of its field of work. Every team member is fully trained in specialised applications and installation of passive fire protection, vermiculite spray, and fire seals. They are able to offer advice and solutions for any passive fire system that the client’s project requires. The company has established a network of affiliates, subcontractors, and fire protection system suppliers in the passive fire industry throughout Australia which enables the team to confidently deliver on all forms of passive fire work, and they deliver a 24-hour service to meet any time and project constraints. While it does have a top-notch team, that’s not to say Ceasefire hasn’t had its challenges in finding experienced staff, since it operates in a niche area. However, it highly values a background in construction when it comes to recruiting new team members. Most importantly, it looks for reliable people who can adapt to situations, think on the fly, and cope well under pressure. The industry is fast-paced, and the needs of clients can change by the day depending on the project. Operating in Australia also comes with its own challenges. Most recently, the cost of building materials has increased considerably and there have been specific changes to the National Construction Code that are going to have a further impact on the price of construction projects. Due to this and the effects of COVID-19 on the economy, some major construction firms have already collapsed, which has also affected the subcontractors and suppliers they use. Fortunately, Ceasefire was well positioned to use this opportunity to consolidate and expand as a company. Now, Ceasefire is focused on its long-term plans which include further expansion across Australia into neighbouring states. It floated plans for this before the pandemic forced the state borders shut, but now the panic has settled, it is looking to revive the idea. Company: Ceasefire PFP Email: [email protected] Website: Best Passive Fire Protection Company 2022 - NSW