Business Awards 2022

May22239 Oct2 008 Incorporated in the year 2015, Eco Pallet Private is proudly an Indian company, created with FDI. Having researched, developed, and patented its ecologically friendly and conscientiously designed pallets, it seeks to lead from the front in creating a more sustainable future for the shipping industry. Confident in the creation of such pallets by transforming non-sustainable pallets, it has beenmaking itself a leader of better environmentally responsible practice amongst its industry, a pioneer of the products that will make this possible. Bettering the shipping industry one journey at a time, Eco Pallet Private has gained accreditation from TUV Nord as a ‘green product’, enabling its customers to trust by its own accountability the truth behind its claims. Nominally, its products are currently used worldwide by the industry’s heaviest hitters from Akums to Mahindra Logistics, as well as FM Logistics, YCH, Wexford, and Signode; in the service of each of these titans of shipping excellence, its overall mission is to make pallets that address significant pain points for the field in a sustainable manner. Critically, by making pallets that will last longer and be better for the health of the earth, its achievements have thrust it into the spotlight of its sector. With its quality and customizable product, it understands that the shipping industry operates on tight turnaround and high expectations, with little room for error – both in transit and on either side – and so will always be transparent and honest in its operations. In the region of India, the pallet market is an ever-growing industry that it has become a cornerstone part of, expecting a revenue growth of 13.9% between 2020 and 2027. This presents both challenge and opportunity to companies like Eco Pallet Private. It hopes to foster a greater sense of environmental corporate stewardship in the world’s shipping channels by leading by example with its product line, and in an ecosystem of rapid growth, is confident that this will only become more possible with time thanks to its tireless efforts in making positive relationships. Indeed, increased overseas trade, the expansion of the warehousing industry, and the improvement to supply chains in the macro scale has upped demand for pallets exponentially; and it hopes to continue to be the company that can step up to the plate to satisfy this demand, also satisfying the market’s requirements for easier access to options that aren’t intrinsically environmentally damaging. Critically, it has found that many of its clients come to it in order to allow them to contribute to ecological safeguarding in a way that still allows their business to thrive. In this way, Eco Pallet Private’s work is invaluable, and the subsequent growth of Eco Pallet Private through wordof-mouth referrals and the corporate grapevine has been exceptional as it subverts the still held belief that sustainable is a fad word. Eco Pallet Private keeps things simple and effective in order to achieve this in a way that earns it the respect and return business of its clientele. Thus, passionate about its product, its market segment, and its staff, it maintains a significant determination to global betterment that has remained unflinching since its very first day in operation. The future for Eco Pallet Private is, therefore, the future of the rest of the world too as it continues to strive for a better tomorrow, each of its staff working together as a team in order to achieve smarter, safer, and more conscientious planet, looking forward to being able to bring more clients into the fold as it continues to grow. Uniquely, its pallets boast several different unique features that go hand in hand with being made with post-consumer recycled wood and its own innovative technologies. Being water resistant and flame resistant – as well as bug and mildew resistant – and with increased weight bearing capacity, Eco Pallet Private’s pallets as a product have allowed the company to maintain its reputation of the utmost excellence, letting the product speak for itself. Indeed, being repairable and recyclable by design, the temperature protected nature of the pallets ensures the protection of the goods throughout all manner of challenging environmental travel, both in the heat and the cold. They are also anti-fungal, anti-static, do not use nails, have no exposure to splinters, and are stalwart in the face of harsh impact such as during inclement weather during transit, only helped further by the resistance to abrasion that Eco Pallet Private has worked hard to make a universal standard in its product line. Moreover, the pallets are oil and chemical resistant, with a resilience that only comes about through years of rigorous product testing. The customizable element of them won’t deny the customer of any of these assets, either, instead enhancing them by making each product completely fit to purpose. Eco Pallet Private also boasts a guarantee that comes with each one, a promise that should a problem occur for a customer, a 5 -year warranty will give them peace of mind that the issue will be resolved quickly. Indeed, with no issue being too big or too small, Eco Pallet Private’s hard work in putting the customer first has resulted in a company that will continue to guide the pallet creation industry for years to come, inspiring its peers to join it on its journey towards reforming modern industry into something able to safeguard the world it works in. Company: Eco Pallet Private Contact: Nisha Franklin Website: Eco Pallet Private keeps things simple and effective in order to achieve this in a way that earns it the respect and return business of its clientele. Best Ecological Pallets Manufacturer - India