APAC Business Awards 2021

Business Awards 2021 Squared Circle Ecom Pvt. Ltd: Best Digital Merchandising Company - South East Asia Featuring: Dust Value Pte Ltd: Most Client-Focused 360° Advertising Agency - Singapore

2 APAC / Business Awards 2021 Welcome to the APAC Business Awards 2021. Encompassing a range of outstanding businesses, enterprises and initiatives across many countries, the APAC Region remains one of the most vibrant and diverse places to do business today. Despite the hardships caused by Covid-19, many economies within the APAC Region continue to grow as businesses work harder than ever to ensure that they continue to meet the needs of their customers and clients. APAC Insider is delighted to launch and host the APAC Business Awards for a sixth consecutive year and commend those dedicated to delivering outstanding results. Sif Brookes, Editor Website: www.apac-insider.com AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. 4. Public House Albury Pty Ltd: Best Innovative Regional Venue - New South Wales 6. Squared Circle Ecom Pvt. Ltd: Best Digital Merchandising Company - South East Asia 8. Dust Value Pte Ltd: Most Client-Focused 360° Advertising Agency – Singapore 10. JS AQUARITIN GLOBAL PV LTD: Best Bioremediation Wastewater Technology Provider 2021 11. Surgyy Design Labs: Most Innovative UX Agency 2021 12. Michael Arthur Diamonds: Most Innovative Jewellers - New South Wales 13. Care Food Industries Sdn. Bhd: Sauce Manufacturer of the Year - Southeast Asia 15. AGAPI Care Inc: Community Organisation of the Year 2021 - Victoria 16. Equissage Therapy: Best Animal Therapy Equipment Developers 2021 - Australasia 17. Niagara Medical Therapy: Manufacturing & Export Development Excellence Award 18. Kaptify Consulting: Best Investor Relations Consulting Firm - India 19. TalentOrbit Pte Ltd: Best Financial Services Recruitment Consultancy - Asia 20. Probioskin Pty Ltd T/A Mayella Organic: Best Family-Owned Organic Skincare Brand - Australia 21. Tricks of Your Trade: Best Contract Management Specialists - Queensland Contents Editorial Team Sif Brookes, Senior Editor | Sofi Bajor, Editor Rebecca Scotland, Writer | Daniel Long, Writer Gabriel Muers, Writer | Ashley-Francis Cox, Writer Design Team Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer

APAC / Business Awards 2021 3 , 22. Coact Imprints Private Limited: Most Innovative Printing Boutique - India 23. The Infinity recognized as Breakthrough Commercial Real Estate Developer at 6th APAC Business Awards 24. Topcon Healthcare Solutions Asia Pacific Pte Ltd: Best Ophthalmology Software Solutions Provider 2021 25. Aker BioMarine: Best Global Krill Products Supplier 2021 26. PT Indonesia Assist Card: Leading Providers of Comprehensive International Travel Assistance 2021 27. EP Asia: Best Eco-Friendly Products Manufacturing Company - Southeast Asia 28. SuperMap Software Co Ltd: Best Global GIS Software & Solutions Provider 2021 29. MelArpi Pty Ltd T/A Koolbitz: Best Independent Tech eCommerce Business - Australia 30. AIA Australia: Best Life & Health Insurance Provider - Australia 31. iEnergizer IT Services Private Limited: Best Global Business Process Outsourcing Company 2021 32. Vision Made Co: Best Emerging Food & Nutrition Manufacturing Consultancy - Australia 33. Influence IT Consulting Pty Ltd: Best B2B IT Consultancy Firm – Australia 34. Turning Tide Pilates: Pilates Studio of the Year 2021 - Auckland 35. Legacy Steel: Emerging Fabricator of the Year 2021 - New Zealand & Excellence Award for Structural Steel & Metalwork Services 2021 36. DHN & Company Pty Ltd: Best Global Mining & Energy Consulting Firm 2021 37. The Coaching Institute: Best Coaching School 2021 - Australasia 38. Sweet Secrets by Dragon Rose Ltd: Best Gluten-Free Bakery 2021 - Hong Kong 39. Knightsbridge Bloodstock: Best Thoroughbred Race Horse Breeding Enterprise 2021 40. Solutions Customs and Forwarding Pty Ltd: Best Family-Owned Logistics Company – Australia 41. Eyebrow Therapy: Best Eyebrow Threading Salon – Sydney & APAC Customer Service Excellence Award 2021 42. ZERONE Communications: Best Global Specialist Marketing & Communications Agency - China 43. Brennan IT Private Limited: Best Managed IT Services Provider 2021 - Australia

4 APAC / Business Awards 2021 , When it comes to innovation, it pays to look at what Public House Albury has achieved. It brings a sense of the past to New South Wales, recreating the atmosphere and friendliness people associate with their beloved local while embracing the possibilities of the modern age. Theirs is a pub built on the needs of the neighbourhood, where people gather together to celebrate, to share and to enjoy themselves. It’s a pub fit for the 21st Century. Public House Albury was created for locals to enjoy. Those who walk through its doors find a bright open space, simply brimming with charm. Few places are so instantly welcoming, and so honest in their intentions. This local knowledge and comfort are a key part of what sets Public House Albury apart from the rest of the competition. When the pub first opened its doors, the focus was on creating a social venue that warmed people’s heart with good vibes and good times. They knew that, above all else, their patrons wanted somewhere they would feel welcome and satisfied. A visit to Public House Albury is No venue can thrive without atmosphere, and the teamat Public House Albury have made it their mission to embrace old-fashioned warmth withmodern service that is second to none. With incredible success in the APAC Business Awards 2021 under their belt, it’s little wonder that the teamhas been able to thrive in recent years. We take a closer look to discover what lies behind their extraordinary achievement. Best Innovative Regional Venue - New South Wales Public House Albury a visit to somewhere that offers real and authentic engagement. In a world where it is all too easy to be drawn into social media and hypotheticals, all are welcome to come here and share in good times. It is a place where memorable experiences happen, but without the stress and strain that goes into planning them. It is a result of a fantastic experience which simply cannot be missed by those who visit. Part of the secret of the team’s success is their desire to look at what is local wherever possible. The team champion craft beers and regional wines making your local more local than ever before. Their food menu combines some of the most exciting locally grown and seasonal produce in dishes that elavate classic pub fare to contemporary, casual cuisine. For cocktail drinkers, Public House Albury has made its name on the provision of some of the leading drinks in the business. Their signature cocktails are named and created after special members of the extended Public House family. If you want an old classic or something entirely new, the staff are more than capable of tackling your needs. Perhaps the centrepiece of any visit is the chance to be served one of the incredible Cocktail Trees, capable of holding 12 different cocktails, perfect for any occassion. While the food and beverages, in particular their cocktails, keep patrons coming back for more, the value of a great atmosphere and guarantee of a warm heart cannot be underestimated. It sets the tone for this incredible establishment. During the various lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, the team were unable to serve their customers, so took the time to create a video which ended up going viral. People around the world were able to share in the joy that the Public House Albury team brought to their customers. For those on a more local level, the constantly changing frontage keeps patrons intrigued and invested in attending, and the brand has embraced the possibilities of images throughout its design. With social media playing such a crucial role in the development of any brand, in any industry, it’s easy to see why. The team has ensured that every photograph uploaded, every image that advertises what the team has to offer is perfectly suited to the role. Public House Albury is a business that has created a rich visual language which sets it apart from more formal settings. Theirs is a brand which has a unique personality, and unique appeal as a result. It’s a point of pride for this incredible team to be able to offer a service that is consistently warm and friendly, while always pushing the ultimate in quality and service at every level. Thanks to an authentic approach, this is a pub that takes what has gone before and makes it fit for the future. As an example of what the APAC region has to offer in terms of hospitality, there are few finer. The team is led by Jodie Tiernan, who has been in the hospitality industry for over 30 years, manging pubs in London, Sydney and now her very own venue in the town she grew up in, Albury NSW. Company: Public House Albury Pty Ltd Name: Jodie Tiernan Email: [email protected] Dec21080

APAC / Business Awards 2021 5 Best Innovative Regional Venue - New SouthWales Public House Albury

6 APAC / Business Awards 2021 , As an esteemed Digital Merchandising company established in 2019, in Bangalore, India, Squared Circle Ecom Pvt. Ltd. is a highly respected and deeply rooted business that does a great deal for its customers. SCE’s history dates back to 2014 when it operated as a satellite office for Lazada Alibaba businesses in Southeast Asia. After that, the company held on to its collaboration and cooperation with Lazada Alibaba as one of the buttresses of the business in Southeast Asia. Its mission is to deliver what the customer wants and it thrives upon their enjoyment. Not only does it work hard to provide for the customer, but it also does its best to deliver for their customers that benefit from their brand-specific sites. The specialist knowledge that it possesses ensures a welloiled team of e-commerce experts from a multitude of organisations, such as Lazada, Squared Circle EcomPvt. Ltd provides its customers with a helping hand throughout their business ventures. Fromdigital merchandising, to analysis, design, andmanagement, SCE creates a gateway for businesses to step through for success and abundance. Whether you are looking to better your brand or simply get started, SCE is there for you. Here we learn a bit about what it does as it sits in this exceptional spotlight. Best Digital Merchandising Company - South East Asia Alibaba, RedMart, Amazon, Tesco, Oracle, and many more. SCE’s Unique Selling Points (USPs) are its highly experienced, professional, and respected knowledge, expertise, and reputation in the digital merchandising and cataloguing industry. Its USPs extend from its work through to its strong and structured team of employees that make up a close-knit family of a company – rather than just a simple structure that is used to generate money. The teams consistently use innovation, intelligence, and irreplaceable skills to stay motivated throughout their work. The culture of the company is connection and closeness. Everyone is equal and everyone makes time for one another. It believes that great people build great companies and that, with the right skill-sets, they keep the business at least one step ahead. Its employees have their own ways of managing situations and are given full autonomy over their actions. This encourages new ideas and different approaches to work which, in turn, stimulates and inspires them to be the best that they can be. With the customer experience at the heart of SCE’s work, its values and expectations are one in the same – built upon a unique and original selection of experts that each bring something inventive and fresh to the table. With this, SCE has a mind for every possible equation. These minds all work to create the best user experience that ensures a solid future for the brands that they represent. CEO and Co-Founder, Alexander Henn says, “Following our company mission, we square circles for our customers every day.” Here he is telling us that the company uses innovation and out-of-the-box thinking to solve many issues or problems that may arise. SCE works in a few areas: Digital Merchandising, Catalogue Management, Channel Marketing, Partner Management, Customer Experience, and Business Insights. It has won multiple awards for its services and is currently showing the world how incredible it is. This award of Best Digital Merchandising Company - South East Asia specifically focuses on its creative, brand-specific stores – across many platforms – that it maintains and runs on behalf of its clients. With this experience it is able to take the target audience, branding, and products to produce the best service for the customer. SCE knows that looking after the customer is the best way to look after business. SCE is extremely focused on conquering all issues for its customers whilst not only meeting their expectations, but completely exceeding them. Its work with the delicate e-commerce ecosystem allows it to expand and set new benchmarks in the digital merchandising industry. This year, Squared Circle Ecom was featured in the Fortune Nov21546

APAC / Business Awards 2021 7 Best Digital Merchandising Company - South East Asia India November 2021 edition in the “Super 30 companies India 2021” section. Alexander tells us, “We are deeply humbled and extremely proud of this achievement. Very grateful to all our employees who contributed at all levels to the overall growth and success story of our company over the last two years. All for one, one for all! This has been and will always be the driving spirit in our company. The results speak for itself! Huge thank you to all our teams for the hard work, dedication and relentless focus on our customers!” The global pandemic saw many businesses move to an online sphere, so SCE had a wider selection of companies to work with. Companies that were setting up and maintaining their online platforms needed – and still need – a business to aid them in their journey from something small to something that has the ability to reach a multitude of customers from all around the world. Taking something that may be in its smaller stages of inception, to ensuring a full-blown business set-up – which can be no small feat. With SCE, things don’t have to be complicated. It knows that the implementation of business plans must make way for a fast changing environment and an eye for the future. This is the biggest challenge for any business, in any industry. For the future in 2022 and beyond, SCE is going to continue on its path of success and resilience that allows for other businesses to prosper. By helping such a wide variety of businesses, across many industries, SCE offers itself as a one-stop solution to a plethora of problems. We are very excited to see where SCE goes now that it has won this excellent award, amongst its many other achievements. Contact: Alexander Henn Company: Squared Circle Ecom Pvt. Ltd Web Address: https://www.squaredcircle.in/

8 APAC / Business Awards 2021 , The data that can be collected by businesses is extraordinary, but it is only in recent years that organisations have been able to leverage it through analytical technology: making the most of even the slightest amount of data. If Dust Value’s approach to marketing could be boiled down into three words, they would be “Ideation”, “Innovation” and “Execution”. Only when the three are combined the team can achieve its finest work possible. Boasting a thorough database of information, Dust Value is a full-service digital marketing company. Their radical approach to offering these services mount a significant challenge to the current advertising parameters. They credit their incredible success to both their hard work and, most importantly, the precious trust that their clients have placed in them. Over the years, the team has worked with some of the world’s At the heart of any great marketing campaign is an enormous amount of data. The teamat Dust Value Pte Ltd has built their name on leveraging what is known about customers and adapting their experiences for the benefit of businesses. With success in APAC Insider’s APAC Business Awards 2021, let’s dig a little deeper into the secrets behind the team’s success. Most Client-Focused 360° Advertising Agency – Singapore leading brands including Dell Technologies, Mockingbird studios, Entune IT Consulting Pvt. Ltd, Learn Studio, and SpEd@ home. These are businesses that understand the need to not only reach out to customers but also their specific and unique requirements. With the help of Dust Value’s comprehensive solutions, these highly successful organisations have been able to adjust their approach to achieve better returns through more targeted campaigns. Creating new experiences with established brands is not always easy. Although, Dust Value’s most incredible achievement lies in its ability to present these brands in offbeat and quirky ways, steering clear of wellestablished tropes. Thinking outside the box is their forte and they relish delivering the thoroughly unique whilst remaining true to the creative objectives provided. Like nearly everything else, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on the world of advertising. The trends which had previously guided the team forward changed virtually overnight as lockdowns began around the world and people were forced to alter the way in which they work. Adapting to this, both in terms of the services offered and the way the business ran, was a major challenge to overcome at a very short notice. Its lasting impact, however, has been wholly positive, with the adaptation of a hybrid working model for its staff. Allowing team members to work where and when they feel most comfortable has proven most efficient, benefitting everyone involved. The team’s ability to push the boundaries of what is offered comes from the positive relationships they maintain with their clients. Instead of simply offering services, the firm also positions itself as a partner organisation to their clients, working closely in order to understand their requirements. This deep understanding means that Dust Value is always able to deliver in a timely manner, often exceeding their client’s expectations. Finding the right team members is by no means an easy task, but the team at Dust Value has thrived through the appointment of a diverse mix of individuals. By taking care to ensure a range of different approaches and thought processes, the team is able to handle jobs at an incredible rate. This is a company culture that embraces an open-mindedness: a team that is capable of thinking differently whilst accepting the same in others. The result is a business that is united and strong, while always questioning the best way forward. Looking ahead, it’s clear that digital marketing and branding are the way ahead. The power of the digital world cannot be understated and those who ignore its potential do so at their own peril. When a business takes on a partner like Dust Value, they do so because they want to formulate the future of their organisation, creating Oct21771

APAC / Business Awards 2021 9 Most Client-Focused 360° Advertising Agency – Singapore a customer experience that is second to none. These experiences are at the heart of what is provided by the team and ensures that they will continue to do great business. By attracting new talent, continuously looking at improving the work undertaken, and building long-term relationships with their clients. Dust Value has thrived in spite of all recent difficulties. While the exploration of new ideas keeps them at the forefront of what the advertising industry has to offer, it is the innovative way that the team executes their policies that makes a real difference, allowing them to deliver the right experience to the right people at the right time. Company: Dust Value Pte Ltd. Name: Mr. Arif Kazi Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.dustvalue.com

10 APAC / Business Awards 2021 , Best Bioremediation Wastewater Technology Provider 2021 JS Aquaritin Global Co was established in 2010 to create technologies that aid in climate change. Today, in 2021, the company has been acknowledged as the Best BioremediationWastewater Technology Providers and has been able to do so with several years of development, research and operational trials. Ultimately, the overall goal for JSAG is tomanufacture products that do not harm the environment but workwith it to become beneficial. Since JS Aquaritin Global Co’s launch, the company has been able to develop patented mineral compounds used in its products; continuing to learn to bring new changes globally. Over the years, JSAG has created cutting-edge nano-nutrient technologies that aim to serve the Bioremediation, Agriculture and Animal Health sectors. Managing Director Sunil Nanda explains, “The passion drives us to rejuvenate polluted rivers and lakes worldwide. The cornerstone of our client service is to provide sound technical advice and concurrently provide technologies and products that work despite climate change. In addition, we maintain the standards set out by setting a personal example for our staff and the country distributors.” Popular within the agricultural and turf industry is its range of integrated nano-nutrient foliar with NPK, Silica and Micronutrients. Additionally recognised is its integrated nano supplement for the poultry subdivision, which is highly sought-after within the animal health sector due to its combined amino acids and minerals, which has been done for the first time globally at a nano scale. The products created by JSAG are explicitly developed to remediate polluted rivers, discharging drains, lakes, wetlands, acidic reservoirs, oily waters, and more, all at a highly affordable cost. Furthermore, to aid sectors affected by climate change and urbanisation is the primary mission of JSAG. To do this, the company brings sustainable, affordable and scalable nanotechnologies into the market. Due to its acceptance of newer technologies in the waste-water sector, JSAG set out to expand within the APAC region of Malaysia. Sunil explains, “Learning from the Malaysia experience, we have just started to expand to other countries in the region like Indonesia and Thailand. We are keen to foray into other countries as well and are looking for capable distributors in t Bio-Remediation sector.” To meet the needs of the everchanging global environment, the company is determined to utilise its research and development team to diversify its Aquaritin portfolio. “The challenges presented by a warming planet occupies worries us as a team at JSAG, so we are striving to develop nutrient solutions to strengthen plants to withstand drought as well as flash floods, heavy metal impact and emerging pests and disease. In addition, we are also exploring the possibility of acceleration of plant and animal growth through the technology.” The company’s overall focus is that of the impact of climate change. Its waste-water bio-remediations technologies can depollute rivers and fix substantive Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorous in Water, which has proven considerably beneficial. JSAG believes I will be creating a meaningful future for everyone and aims to expand its global footprint to ensure this happens. Within several sectors of various industries, its nano-bio technologies can make a significant difference in the lives of people and businesses internationally. Overall, the company is heavily thankful for its unwavering staff, country distributors, and clients for overpowering encouragement within its business journey. With its most recent recognition as the Best Bioremediation Wastewater Technology Provider 2021, JSAG has never been more motivated to continue to reach more people and businesses alike; to pursue its passion of tackling the impacts of climate change, a nano step at a time. Company Name: JS AQUARITIN GLOBAL PV LTD Contact Name: Sunil Nanda Telephone: +91 9958066588 Web Address: www.aquaritin.com Contact Email: [email protected] Oct21883

APAC / Business Awards 2021 11 , Oct21630 Most Innovative UX Agency 2021 Surgyy Design Labs is a User Experience (UX) Design and Concept Innovation Agency that provides business solutions to solve design problems through design thinking, great user experience, and professional digital innovation. We talk to Founder and Chief Consultant/DesignerMohammed Jamil Nasir about Surgyy and what it is doing to help businesses everywhere. As a UX Design and Concept Innovation Agency founded in 2020, Surgyy Design Labs generates concepts for businesses to scale digitally. Catering to various industries and Business to Customer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) products, Surgyy has earned a reputation for its quality of work over a short amount of time. UX design businesses mostly work on the basic principle that excellent design should translate to an easy experience for the target audience. Surgyy goes one step further - looking at business challenges & opportunities - making sure the Strategy is reflected in Design. By analysing research and data, Surgyy opens up a dialogue between businesses & users. The main objective is to use Good Design for the ultimate boost in traffic and revenue. Its ideation workshops aid businesses everywhere and permit them to thrive by designing, redesigning, and branding. With Software as a Service (SaaS) design, redesign concepts, and MVP designs, Surgyy transmogrifier the presentation and operation of sites. Surgyy also offers its customers the chance to pay per milestone or pay per month to make things easier or more manageable for them. Mohammed Jamil Nasir is the Founder and Chief Consultant/ Designer at Surgyy. He believes in the power of design for Business Success. Not only does this include design that is aesthetically pleasing, but it also includes design that is user friendly for ease of access and strategically aligned to business. He shares, “We ideate through the challenges faced and the industry landscape to set the redesign plan. We create the main redesigned user journey prototypes for usability testing and more.” Nasir tells us that he is most excited about good, solid design that helps businesses to persevere and bloom. With product and UX design, Surgyy changes the curve of business development in the tech industry. With its inbound lead management service, its “Beyond Design Innovation’’ is converting business design and marketing from something potentially drab to something both easy to use & get adoption. With the future in mind, Nasir tells us that Surgyy aims to extend its presence to more locations around the globe. It is “taking innovation beyond design results with the help of partners that create product concepts, inbound marketing strategies, and more,” says Nasir. For its further growth and adaptation, Surgyy is focused on creating multiple specialized units of design delivery. If you have questions regarding your design and branding, Surgyy is the place to visit for all of the answers. Contact: Mohammed Jamil Nasir Company: Surgyy Design Labs Pvt. Ltd. Web Address: https://surgyy.com/

12 APAC / Business Awards 2021 , Getting a gift is great, but few things compare to a gift that has been specifically designed and tailored to your liking. A gift that represents who you are, your essence and all from the love someone has for you. Recognised as theMost Innovative Jewellers, Michael Arthur Diamonds is an Australian jewellery brand that creates exceptional, bespoke engagement rings – a perfect shimmer of love. Starting as an apprentice at 16, Michael Arthur discovered his unique passion for creating beautiful jewellery. Whilst working in the industry, gaining various skills and extensive experience, Michael believed there was a connection missing between jewellers and the customer. Thus, he developed an entirely communicated business where clients were involved in every step of the process, from the colour, clarity and carat of the diamond to the band and other key details. Based in Australia, Michael Arthur Diamonds creates one of a kind engagement rings and wedding bands, custom-making each ring to be unique for clients to love, cherish and adore eternally. MA aims to ensure that every client is 100% satisfied with their jewellery. Therefore, Michael and his team take great caution and care to guide its customers in selecting the perfect design and diamond for a forever ring that showcases the individual’s true essence. The team at MA takes an immense amount of pride in analysing every enquiry, whether that is from walk-ins or through their website. The process of choosing the ‘right’ ring can be a daunting experience; with so many options and styles to choose from, one can be overwhelmed and rush a decision based on the end result – wanting something beautiful. Everything created at MA is beautiful; however, the whole uniqueness of the business is not just that they sell gorgeous jewellery, but bespoke jewellery that reflects a customer’s uniqueness. Therefore, Michael and his team take the necessary steps to educate and reassure its clients by diving into the whole process and explaining each individual aspect in depth. MA is one of the few companies in the country that can offer such a bespoke service with the same level of professionalism, integrity, and expertise. Throughout this process, staff members stay in close contact with the client with updates and images to keep them wholly involved and up to date with the development of their custom creation. Knowing that bespoke products are the backbone of the business, Michael and his team have generated over 350,000 hand-created images for its website to ensure that its clients can see a variety of options offered. Thus, sparking imagination and instilling the notion that MA is capable of taking something so beautiful and making it extraordinary. The clients are the complete essence of the company. Because of this, MA offers a tenyear warranty with its services that includes annual cleans, checks, complimentary rhodium plating, polishing, tightening of claws and complimentary replacement of any lost small stones. Ensuring that a first time customer is a customer for life, working with them through every milestone in their lives. Moreover, Michael’s innovation doesn’t stop with designs but with adaptability throughout challenges and, currently, the Covid-19 pandemic. With a shut on face-to-face consultations, Michael took the opportunity to dive into the works of online shopping and e-commerce. He re-envisioned the website and created a feature called ‘The Ultimate Ring Builder,’ which allowed customers worldwide to form a ring from scratch. Thus, growing its client base and brand reputation internationally simply by adapting and allowing its customers to create a one-of-akind ring from the comfort and safety of their own homes. The future for Michael and his team is enormously bright, with new and innovative creations in the works towards the upcoming years. As 2021 is coming to an end, MA plans to tend to its customers who have ordered for the holiday season and come back from the seasonal break, refreshed and determined to make 2022 the best Michael Arthur year to date. Company Name: Michael Arthur Diamonds Contact Name: Vivian Fallah – PR and Marketing Manager Web Address: https://michaelarthur.com.au/ Contact Email: [email protected] Most Innovative Jewellers - New South Wales

APAC / Business Awards 2021 13 , Oct21766 To preserve the authentic and rich Asian food heritage, Carefoods Industries has immersed itself in extensive research and development, ensuring recipes are shelf-stable without using preservatives, artificial colours, or synthetic flavourings. Recognised as the Sauce Manufacturer of the Year, Carefoods brings traditional Asian recipes to the market whilst ensuring that flavoured heritage will not be dispelled with global modernisation. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Carefoods Industries was established in 1989 by Mickey Quah, the active Owner and Founder of the company. The core of Carefoods was based on an essential vision to sustain the rich food heritage of Malaysian culture. The company has successfully built and maintained its reputation for over 30 years by providing authentic and traditional Malay, Nyonya, Chinese and Indian recipes. All of which have been handed down for generations, using modern technology and food science to enrapture and preserve consistency, flavour, quality, and heritage. Carefoods has an unmatched consideration for its product. The company’s thorough attention to detail recreates fragrances, freshness, and texture to capture the essence of authentic and highquality Asian cultured products. Currently, the company has over 400 different sauces, branching into western flavours and collaborating with one of Japan’s largest sauce manufacturers to develop authentic halal Japanese products to broaden its range and diversify its sector. Moreover, since 2019, Carefoods has been acknowledged within several sectors of the industry, winning awards such as ‘Business of the Year’ from the International Trade Council and ‘Sauce Manufacturer of the Year – Southeast Asia’ from APAC Business Awards along with ‘Food Manufacturer of the Year’ from Global 100. With numerous amounts of recognition under its wing, Carefoods has upheld its reputation with many years of high-quality products, building its unparalleled success within the industry for many generations to come. In addition to its sauce empire, Carefoods has shifted towards healthy and convenient soups, and rice noodles. By combining its products, clients are bound to produce an immensely flavourful, healthy, and authentic dish that is innovatively and passionately created. For Carefoods, being in an environment that harbours a melting pot of Asian culture, the company is often faced with ongoing competition. However, despite the rising number of competitors, Carefoods is able to sustain constant superiorquality products with passion and persistence, unlike other companies who cut costs during production and manufacturing. An effect of the Covid-19 pandemic is the lifestyle change that has risen significantly over the past two years, where people are cooking at home more instead of going out – albeit most of the time it was out of necessity with lockdowns and government regulations. Still, since the ease of restrictions, homecooked meals have stayed a constant integration for most homes globally. With the rising interest in home cooking, there has been an increasing demand for cooking sauces. Hence, Carefoods has partnered with several international companies to create private label manufacturing of its sauces, a network that allows Carefoods to focus on manufacturing and its linked company can focus on sales and marketing. For Carefoods, to cope with the increased volume of its product the company is upgrading its machinery to improve efficiency and keep up with demand. With copious amounts of orders underway, Carefoods is excited to embark on its productive path progression, providing delicious, authentic and traditional Asian heritage cuisine to customers worldwide. Company: Care Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. Name: Mickey Quah Web Address: www.asianmeals.com Sauce Manufacturer of the Year - Southeast Asia

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APAC / Business Awards 2021 15 , Established in 1987 by a group of Greek-Australian parents who were filled with an unwavering belief that their childrenwith a disability were entitled to the same access to programs and services as other communitymembers without prejudice or disadvantage. Recognised as the Community Organisation of the Year, AGAPI Care Inc is committed to delivering tailored services and supports to people with disability. in Victoria tomeet their identified needs and goals. AGAPI Care Inc emphasises on working with people with disabilities as partners, placing them at the core of its service delivery process. Having a disability of any kind isn’t something that should ever be prejudiced against, and certainly, children should not be left out of any opportunity due to it. Therefore, AGAPI Care provides a broad range of services to support people living with disabilities and have them identify, contribute and plan a range of services that they may require, fully incorporating the thoughts and needs of their clients. CEO Mary Gakopoulos explains, “This encompasses an individual’s equal right to choose the types of disability services and supports that best match his/her assessed needs, and to participate in, and actively engage with his/her community.” At AGAPI Care, people are treated equally, as deserved, with dignity and respect, regardless Community Organisation of the Year 2021 - Victoria of gender, race, background or beliefs. The organisation regards its workers, carers and clients like a family, with everyone involved understanding and supporting the social environment, underpinning disability discrimination and disadvantages. The organisation was created to provide support with the client’s goals and aspirations, allowing the client to plan and contribute to the type of services provided and underline any potential barriers that might affect their goals. By doing so, the organisation can promote the rights of people with disability that is equal to the rights of all citizens; this is integral to the business ethos and core of the services provided by AGAPI Care. However, like for many businesses, 2020 was a year that everything changed. The COVID-19 pandemic affected people’s personal lives and businesses, who had to overcome one of the most volatile economic climates on record. Therefore, to keep up and survive the pandemic, AGAPI Care had to take quick and innovative action. With a flexible and adaptable approach, the organisation provided the necessary services to its community, based on information collected during the 2020 survey. “As one of the preeminent ethno-specific social welfare organisations, we organised a survey in 2020 to capture relevant information as to what was impacting our community and to determine service delivery,” states Mary Gakopoulos. Some of the year’s emerging trends were the continuation of remote working, business adaptability, digital platform making, and status reports to utilise data collected. Overall, AGAPI Care measures any impacts or changes the organisation makes by regularly requesting feedback from clients and their families, continuously reviewing the effectiveness of its service for clients and the community. Despite a worrisome few years with the pandemic creating many challenges for the organisation and the lives of its clients, AGAPI Care has maintained a financially viable status and continues to focus on building longer term financial sustainability to ensure the provision of disability services and supports to Victorians. Thus, AGAPI Care will be expanding its skill development, in-home care, age care and day program services within 2022. Its holistic approach to caring for community members provides a much-valued service for all those involved with the organisation, including its clients, carers and extended family members - taking care of all those engaged with the organisation, just like the world should be working towards. Company Name: AGAPI Care Inc. Contact Name: Mary Gakopoulos Web Address: http://www.agapicare.org.au Contact Email: [email protected] Oct21879

16 APAC / Business Awards 2021 , The original therapeutic technology behind Equissage, Cycloid Vibration Therapy (CVT) was initially brought into the modern world in 1949, and since then has been helping people and animals across all disciplinary levels to improve performance, maintain peak condition, assist with recovery, and convey comfort as a powerful rehabilitation tool. The aim of this therapy is to help individuals gain confidence that they can provide professional grade therapy that can also be used daily across their entire stable. Equissage is recognised as having the best equine therapy system within Australia and New Zealand. As a result of ongoing development and refinement, Best Animal Therapy Equipment Developers 2021 - Australasia the company has been able to produce a new range of products that are versatile and easier to use than ever before, evolving to be smarter, lighter and more advanced within the industry. Together, the Equissage Edge, Edge Pony and Edge Rider create a diverse range of medical-grade therapy devices for riders, horses and ponies. Developed in Australia from the Niagara Therapy products, Equissage devices have been used on humans, both for injuries and mobilities, for over 60 years. Moreover, this equipment has been used in hospitals, clinics, and elite sporting applications and is built into furniture for home use. Overall, top professionals, owners and riders of all levels across every discipline can develop veterinary grade physical therapy results for their entire stable by utilising Equissage therapy devices. The Equissage EDGE CVT System is one of the safest forms of equine therapy available, which has been trialled through ongoing research conducted in hospitals, universities and research institutions. The Edge CVT System is not only highly effective but also nonaggressive, drug-free and free from side effects. For Equissage, its mission is that of a holistic approach to equine and rider health. Director Ian Bellion explains, “Building an ongoing ‘client for life’ relationship with our clients is the cornerstone of our ethos. By providing ongoing training and coaching, we ensure that every owner gets the most out of their investment in the Equissage Therapy System – it’s something we pride ourselves in.” Passionate about the equine industry’s improvement of animal welfare, Equissage’s therapy consultants and customer services team are dedicated to helping horses of all breeds and ages get the very best care possible. Thus, maintaining its reputation and commitment to the animals by being at the forefront of the industry. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for Equissage therapy has been on the rise. “The overall commitment to health and doing whatever is possible to improve it moving forward has been a major driver in the marketplace. Equissage is recognised for producing truly exceptional therapy decided, which has led to the demand reaching unprecedented levels. Keeping up with this demand has been a challenge – impacting our export business; however, the loyalty and commitment shown by our distributors in Asia has been a truly wonderful experience,” states Ian. Furthermore, Equissage is increasingly optimistic about what it has in store for the new year with plans to expand globally within the industry by reaching into new markets. With its dedicated team of intellectual and innovative professionals, Equissage will continue to further enhance its reputation the equine therapy sector internationally in no time at all. Company: Equissage Therapy Australia & New Zealand Name: Ian Bellion Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.equissage.com.au Oct21699 Recognised as the Best Animal Therapy Equipment Developers, Equissage has a long history of producing therapy systems that are acknowledged as the benchmark in equine therapy. The first value of equine therapy has been first documented, dating back to ancient Greece, 600 BC. In the modern age, the use of Equissage as a therapy is utilised internationally and provide vast benefits to both animal and rider.

APAC / Business Awards 2021 17 , Nov21243 Niagara Therapy is a pioneer of Cycloid Vibration Therapy (CVT), a technique that has improved the lives of millions of people worldwide. The Australian company has been designing andmanufacturingmedical devices from its purpose-built facility in Queensland since 1969. CVT is a technology used to relax muscles and improve blood circulation in the body. The treatment, which is a type of deep tissue massage, also aids lymphatic draining and joint mobility. Niagara Therapy makes CVT therapeutic equipment such as beds, chairs, and handheld massage devices. The special CVT motor, with its unique suspension system, delivers a three-dimensional massage. This penetrates deep into muscle tissues and promotes healing using a non-invasive approach. The technology has proven effective in the treatment of health complaints such as pressure ulcers and cellulitis. It’s also a successful way to provide repeatable relief for a range of musculoskeletal aches and pains. The founder of Niagara in the United States, Owen K Murphy, came across CVT technology by chance in 1948. Having worked in the medical corps during World War II, Mr Murphy recognised its potential and secured the patent. Today, Niagara Therapy distributes devices throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Clients include the general public, hospitals and treatment centres, and professional athletes and sports teams. CVT can also be used to delay or avoid health issues in the future. The Niagara spokesperson tells us, “Quite often, the work we do can place a large amount of strain on our bodies. Commercial drivers and machinery operators are examples of those who may experience issues due to ongoing wear and tear. Problems can build up over time. Health, mobility and well-being are important priorities in life. Relief from muscle and joint pain, along with improvements in healing and mobility can help to secure a good quality of life in our later years.” The dedicated team at Niagara have an infectious passion for helping people. The company offers prospective clients full, noobligation trials of its equipment to make sure it will be an effective treatment for them. The company is proud of its commitment to providing clients with a high level of care and support to ensure they are confident in their investment choice. With all of its products appearing on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, clients can be confident that devices have been extensively studied and tested. Clinical studies fully support the company’s therapeutic claims. Niagara’s charitable arm, the Crown Pin Foundation, also helps children with disabilities. If hospitals and treatment centres are intimidating to adults, their clinical appearance can be terrifying for children. Fairyland Centres were first created in the 1950s with the help of Niagara’s founder. They are facilities that are specially equipped to cater for children. The colourful, friendly treatment centres focus on fun so that children enjoy going for therapy. CVT devices in toys, playmats and chairs deliver treatment to children while they play. Niagara donates its equipment to schools throughout Australia and New Zealand. The children who receive CVT are often calmer, happier, less agitated and experience less pain. Soon, the company is looking to export its products to China. A challenging and exciting journey lies ahead. Contact: https://www.niagara. com.au/contact-us/ Company: Niagara Medical Therapy Web Address: https://www.niagara.com.au/ Manufacturing & Export Development Excellence Award

18 APAC / Business Awards 2021 , Mumbai company, Kaptify Consulting, takes a 360○degree approach to help businesses gain a foothold in the capital markets. Kaptify positions itself as a boutique investor relations and strategic consulting business. Working in the corporate sector, the company prides itself in offering end-to-end solutions. Kaptify assists its clients in raising investor capital at every stage of their journey. From building a business to scaling up operations and increasing profitability, the company specialises in getting clients “capital market-ready”. Building the necessary systems and processes is essential to gain access to domestic and institutional investors. Core services include process implementation, investor and public relations and annual report makeovers. Kaptify’s training and guidance help businesses to gain an understanding of and confidence in the capital markets arena. All of which contribute to making a business attractive to potential investors as well as corporate clients. Managing Partner Vinay Pandit tells us, “We carefully select the kind of investors who are best suited to each company. We showcase the company to those specific investors. This strategy leads to a high conversion Best Investor Relations Consulting Firm - India rate. We work closely with our corporate clients. Our aim is to plan and execute corporate governance practices that translate to value creation for both the company and its shareholders.” At present, Kaptify focuses solely on the Indian market. The company foresees plenty of opportunity for growth in this area in the coming years. However, Vinay tells us that the company is also open to partnering with like-minded companies around the globe should the opportunity present itself. Although keen to grow, Vinay tells us that Kaptify has no intention of sacrificing the quality and integrity of its work to do so, “Whilst this may impact the pace of our growth, we believe it is important to lay a strong foundation for our future growth strategy. Client satisfaction is key to our success. Covid has taught us to work lean and smart, optimising the efficiency and output of the team.” The team culture at Kaptify is one of mutual respect. Each employee has duties and responsibilities assigned to them. They are trusted to work towards the common goals of the company and maintain high levels of confidentiality. Kaptify wants every team member to enjoy their work and feel as though they are part of a family. When hiring, Vinay looks for commitment, output, efficiency, and maturity. Looking to the future, Kaptify will continue to focus on the quality of its work and speed of response to its clients. Vinay believes this will set Kaptify apart from its competition. Although the company is unable to share full details of its future projects there are some exciting developments on the horizon. Contact: Vinay Pandit Company: Kaptify Consulting Web Address: www.kaptify.in Nov21058 With nearly 2 decades experience working in capital markets, Kaptify Consulting is a new generation consulting firm. Whatever the project, this knowledgeable company uses SMART objectives to help clients realise their ambitions. We speak to its Founder &Managing Partner, Vinay Pandit, to find out more.