APAC Business Awards 2021

APAC / Business Awards 2021 7 Best Digital Merchandising Company - South East Asia India November 2021 edition in the “Super 30 companies India 2021” section. Alexander tells us, “We are deeply humbled and extremely proud of this achievement. Very grateful to all our employees who contributed at all levels to the overall growth and success story of our company over the last two years. All for one, one for all! This has been and will always be the driving spirit in our company. The results speak for itself! Huge thank you to all our teams for the hard work, dedication and relentless focus on our customers!” The global pandemic saw many businesses move to an online sphere, so SCE had a wider selection of companies to work with. Companies that were setting up and maintaining their online platforms needed – and still need – a business to aid them in their journey from something small to something that has the ability to reach a multitude of customers from all around the world. Taking something that may be in its smaller stages of inception, to ensuring a full-blown business set-up – which can be no small feat. With SCE, things don’t have to be complicated. It knows that the implementation of business plans must make way for a fast changing environment and an eye for the future. This is the biggest challenge for any business, in any industry. For the future in 2022 and beyond, SCE is going to continue on its path of success and resilience that allows for other businesses to prosper. By helping such a wide variety of businesses, across many industries, SCE offers itself as a one-stop solution to a plethora of problems. We are very excited to see where SCE goes now that it has won this excellent award, amongst its many other achievements. Contact: Alexander Henn Company: Squared Circle Ecom Pvt. Ltd Web Address: https://www.squaredcircle.in/