APAC Business Awards 2021

6 APAC / Business Awards 2021 , As an esteemed Digital Merchandising company established in 2019, in Bangalore, India, Squared Circle Ecom Pvt. Ltd. is a highly respected and deeply rooted business that does a great deal for its customers. SCE’s history dates back to 2014 when it operated as a satellite office for Lazada Alibaba businesses in Southeast Asia. After that, the company held on to its collaboration and cooperation with Lazada Alibaba as one of the buttresses of the business in Southeast Asia. Its mission is to deliver what the customer wants and it thrives upon their enjoyment. Not only does it work hard to provide for the customer, but it also does its best to deliver for their customers that benefit from their brand-specific sites. The specialist knowledge that it possesses ensures a welloiled team of e-commerce experts from a multitude of organisations, such as Lazada, Squared Circle EcomPvt. Ltd provides its customers with a helping hand throughout their business ventures. Fromdigital merchandising, to analysis, design, andmanagement, SCE creates a gateway for businesses to step through for success and abundance. Whether you are looking to better your brand or simply get started, SCE is there for you. Here we learn a bit about what it does as it sits in this exceptional spotlight. Best Digital Merchandising Company - South East Asia Alibaba, RedMart, Amazon, Tesco, Oracle, and many more. SCE’s Unique Selling Points (USPs) are its highly experienced, professional, and respected knowledge, expertise, and reputation in the digital merchandising and cataloguing industry. Its USPs extend from its work through to its strong and structured team of employees that make up a close-knit family of a company – rather than just a simple structure that is used to generate money. The teams consistently use innovation, intelligence, and irreplaceable skills to stay motivated throughout their work. The culture of the company is connection and closeness. Everyone is equal and everyone makes time for one another. It believes that great people build great companies and that, with the right skill-sets, they keep the business at least one step ahead. Its employees have their own ways of managing situations and are given full autonomy over their actions. This encourages new ideas and different approaches to work which, in turn, stimulates and inspires them to be the best that they can be. With the customer experience at the heart of SCE’s work, its values and expectations are one in the same – built upon a unique and original selection of experts that each bring something inventive and fresh to the table. With this, SCE has a mind for every possible equation. These minds all work to create the best user experience that ensures a solid future for the brands that they represent. CEO and Co-Founder, Alexander Henn says, “Following our company mission, we square circles for our customers every day.” Here he is telling us that the company uses innovation and out-of-the-box thinking to solve many issues or problems that may arise. SCE works in a few areas: Digital Merchandising, Catalogue Management, Channel Marketing, Partner Management, Customer Experience, and Business Insights. It has won multiple awards for its services and is currently showing the world how incredible it is. This award of Best Digital Merchandising Company - South East Asia specifically focuses on its creative, brand-specific stores – across many platforms – that it maintains and runs on behalf of its clients. With this experience it is able to take the target audience, branding, and products to produce the best service for the customer. SCE knows that looking after the customer is the best way to look after business. SCE is extremely focused on conquering all issues for its customers whilst not only meeting their expectations, but completely exceeding them. Its work with the delicate e-commerce ecosystem allows it to expand and set new benchmarks in the digital merchandising industry. This year, Squared Circle Ecom was featured in the Fortune Nov21546