APAC Business Awards 2021

APAC / Business Awards 2021 41 , Oct21692 If there’s one industry that has sky-high client expectations, it is the health and beauty industry. Yet, EyebrowTherapy has managed to build an excellent reputation in the sphere for delivering on every expectation andmeeting the highest of standards time and time again. As a result, it was recognized in the 2021 edition of the APAC Business Awards. On the back of this success, we spoke to EyebrowTherapy’s Ashnay Deo to find out how the company has excelled in both its industry and in delivering impeccable customer service. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, as the saying goes, but the beauty industry has long been defined by high benchmarks. In this competitive arena, only the most experienced and discerning of businesses see enduring success. Yet, Eyebrow Therapy has thrived where so many have failed – how? Ashnay offers some insight: “Eyebrow therapy aims to provide each client with their own personal brow therapist in order to help them achieve their perfect brows. We deliver the highest quality customer service for each one of our clients. We value each client’s opinion and hope to provide a safe and caring environment filled with the support needed to achieve our goals. This goal has been refined over the years as we strive to provide the best of the best for our clients.” As with many in this modern, ever-more digitised era of business, Ashnay has realised that there’s only so much good branding and SEO can deliver – it all comes down to the service or product, in the end. By focusing intently on the client, every client, Eyebrow Therapy has positioned itself ahead of whatever competition would rise to try and meet its standards. With clients at the forefront, the rest is a result of passion, as Ashnay continues. “Passion for the work you do is of the utmost importance in providing excellent customer service. To achieve this I ensure that everyday I take the opportunity to learn something new, and grow more within myself, to always improve the service I give to all my clients.” Based out of Sydney, Australia, Ashnay has capitalised on the location as well as the unique challenges that the pandemic delivered to reevaluate the services that Eyebrow Therapy offers. “Reflection plays a large role in how I evaluate myself. I am constantly looking for improvements – how can I improve value? How can I improve the overall experience? This all leads into the passion and happiness I have for my work as well. It’s a beautiful ongoing cycle, so that everyone – client and myself – wins every day.” In this, culture remains a cornerstone. “Good vibes!”, as Ashnay exclaims. “A fun, caring, loving and inviting environment for everyone who steps through the door. This all comes from within us – being content and confident in the person you are. It leads to a good work ethic, and reflects directly on the customer experience.” Perhaps, Ashnay sums it up best with these closing comments. “The only goal I hope to achieve in the future is world peace and perfect brows. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and I hope to give others the confidence in themselves to best express themselves. It removes all doubt and fear, replacing it with peace and love.” It’s clear to see why Eyebrow Therapy was recognized for its incredible customer service and dedication to excellence across the board. Company: Eyebrow Therapy Name: Ashnay Deo Email: h[email protected],au Web Address: www.eyebrowtherapy.com.au Eyebrow Therapy Best EyebrowThreading Salon – Sydney & APAC Customer Service Excellence Award 2021