APAC Business Awards 2021

40 APAC / Business Awards 2021 As the name suggests, Solutions Customs and Forwarding is in the game of finding solutions and solving problems. Now nearing 30 years in operation – an incredible feat in and of itself- Solutions Customs and Forwarding has cultivated an ardent client base who remain ever impressed with the company’s commitment to delivering, and exceeding, on all expectations. Here, Cheryl offers more insight into the company’s operations over the last three decades. “Since our inception, it has been our mission to impart knowledge to importers and exporters to ensure their financial growth. Our clients are not just a number on our chart of accounts, you are family to us. “Though the company has existed in various forms over the years, today, we are a Freight Forwarding/Customs Brokerage where we offer the full package to our clients so you can spend your time in your business, not on the logistics of freight. The success of your business matters to us.” Ultimately, this is where Solutions Customs and Forwarding has secured its success – in its client centricity. With a laser focus on best serving the needs of its clients, the company has created an almost peerless reputation in the sphere. It doesn’t outsource any of its component parts, and Best Family-Owned Logistics Company – Australia as Cheryl emphasises, “we are entirely invested in you and your business. That’s all that matters.” It was this approach that led to Solutions Customs and Forwarding weathering the storm of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as it did. Client relationships stood steadfast at a time that various pipelines and logistics were relied on heavily. “We create relationships with our clients that ensure that they feel they are part of our SCF family. During the past 18 months we connected clients together who we felt would be able to support and serve each other during COVID. This assisted to maintain mental health within our SCF community and to ensure the growth of our client’s business and in turn the growth of our business. “We are FAMILY.” Of course, there can be no doubt that the company truly excels in what it sets out to deliver. From its freight forwarding services – a specialism – to customs brokerage, Cheryl is adamant that its not just its client service but its capability and expertise that builds success in this highly competitive industry. “We have a network of agents in almost every country of the world, experienced in all types of cargo. No matter whether you have a carton, a pallet, a container, machinery, boats, steel, furniture, handicrafts, food products, personal effects or in fact any product, we have the knowledge and experience to move it from or to anywhere in the world. Talk with us about the best method of moving your cargo in the most cost-effective manner. We want to ensure that you maximise your profits by minimising your costs.” As both experts and educators, Solutions Customs and Forwarding has made an indelible impression on the greater logistics industry. While that may be enough of a legacy for some, this company has and will strive for exceeding all expectations in a sector and market that demands only the best. Company: Solutions Customs and Forwarding Pty Ltd Contact: Cheryl-Lee Garnett, Director Address: Po Box 593, Buddina Qld 4575, Australia Website: www.solutionscf.com Contact Email: [email protected] Telephone: +61 1300382416 Oct21696 Logistics is a difficult industry to see success in. Yet, over the last couple of years, its importance has been bought into sharp relief. Named the Best Family-Owned Logistics Company in Australia in the 2021 edition of the programme, we spoke with Director CherylLee Garnett to find out how Solutions Customs and Forwarding Pty Ltd has secured an enduring legacy of exceeding all expectations. “We are not just a Freight Forwarder/Customs Brokerage. We are EDUCATORS. We believe that when our clients are armed with the industry knowledge they are better prepared to grow their business. This is a win/win for everyone.” Photography by Tabatha Vos