APAC Business Awards 2021

APAC / Business Awards 2021 39 , Nov21084 Knightsbridge Bloodstock is a family run breeding business based in Asia and the USA. Not only has it formed countless relationships with an extensive number of individuals, but it has made a huge difference to the industry itself. More competitive than ever, the industry is always looking for the leanest, cleanest, and best horses in the game and Knightsbridge delivers every time. Here we look at how it operates and the kind of values that it holds dear to its heart. Knightsbridge Bloodstock is a family-owned thoroughbred breed to race enterprise that maintains extremely high standards when breeding race horses for future generations. With these high standards comes an immense amount of pressure and expectation – which Knightsbridge knows how to handle. Its expert knowledge and extensive experience in the field gives it the edge on all of its competitors. Knightsbridge knows that Thailand is a progressively important part of the APAC region and is rapidly becoming the number one choice for many firms as a regional headquarters. The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania has ranked Thailand the best place in the world to start a business and this is being proven by Knightsbridge through its incredible work and representation throughout the region. Its values are respect, honesty, and – most importantly – care for the wellbeing of the many horses that it breeds year upon year. Knightsbridge cherishes its horses, teammates, and unparalleled reputation and does everything that it can to uphold its image. Knightsbridge’s CEO, Issaree Suwunnavid, manages Knightsbridge as is responsible for all of the businesses activities, as well as its goals and procedures. She is a dedicated and tenacious individual who finds it of utmost importance to build a closeknit team that all have the best interests at heart – be it for the business and for every one of the horses that it breeds. Issaree oversees all business endeavours, financial decisions, and breeding experiences, whilst providing a challenging yet inspiring company experience for all of the staff at Knightsbridge. By providing encouragement and lengthy knowledge, Issaree is able to support and motivate staff members who are all striving to achieve the same goals together. By building a team that is close and connected she brings out the very best in everybody. Knightsbridge is exceptionally interested in branching out to Australia, Europe, and the Middle East for the future of the business. 2022 is right around the corner and we know that this breeding business has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. We are excited to see what it does next for the industry. Contact: Issaree Suwunnavid Company: Knightsbridge Bloodstock Web Address http://knightsbridgeboodstock.com/ Best Thoroughbred Race Horse Breeding Enterprise 2021