APAC Business Awards 2021

38 APAC / Business Awards 2021 Aiming to deliver healthy, artisanal treats that are inclusive, creative, and nutritionally enhanced, Sweet Secrets by Dragon Rose Ltd is offering delectable goods that can tantalise anyone’s tastebuds – no matter their lifestyle choices or health concerns. Over Ten years ago, Sweet Secrets received a request to create a gluten-free princess castle cake that kick-started its specialised ventures. Secrets went on to develop and finetune their gluten-free recipes and became the first commercial bakery in Hong Kong to offer free-from baked goods. This Best Gluten-Free Bakery 2021 - Hong Kong was in 2012 and, fast forward to 2021, now, with Sweet Secrets, it has truly sharpened its skills in creating vegan, gluten-free, paleo, and keto products. Sweet Secrets’ mission is to bring people together when celebrating special life events. It looks for ways to create wide-ranging products that connect people and provide impeccable taste for everyone involved. By creating something that everyone can eat, Sweet Secrets let the good times flow and make everyone feel important and cared for. By using healthy, high-quality, natural ingredients Sweet Secrets is offers a wide selection of highly sought after desserts that leaves everyone wanting more. The pandemic has seen many businesses that produce and supply food being forced to sell online or via arranged collection only and Sweet Secrets’ business continued to thrive online. Although the pandemic saw a huge amount of home-baking, Sweet Secrets managed to keep its customer-base contented and fed. As it has always aimed to provide for its customers, and it worked even harder to keep supplying throughout the pandemic so that its consumers could still experience wonderful baked goods that make them feel involved and connected. Whilst the pandemic kept families and friends apart, Sweet Secrets is proud to connect them with its handcrafted cakes! For the future, Sweet Secrets is looking to continue producing extremely high quality goods by developing reselling business, setting up strategic partnerships to expand its market reach – using online or offline health stores, coffee and restaurant chains. It will further develop and refine its recipes to truly satisfy each customer. With ongoing plans to create even more incredible products we will say no more, so, why not stock up on the Sweet Secrets treats and find out for yourself? Contact: Sarah Lee Company: Sweet Secrets by Dragon Rose Ltd Web Address: https://sweetsecrets.com.hk/ Nov21249 Finding something sweet and delicious that also fits your dietary requirements can be a tough cookie, but Sweet Secrets by Dragon Rose Ltd is cooking up a storm inHong Kong. Providing its customers with a wide variety of delicious flavours, textures, and designs, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Here we take a look at the different products that it creates to ensure happiness and inclusion for each person.