APAC Business Awards 2021

APAC / Business Awards 2021 37 , Nov21315 A little over 17 years ago The Coaching Institute was nothingmore than a dream in Remi Pearson’s mind. Fast Forward 17 years, it is now a global movement, changing the lives of its students throughworld leading training programmes and innovative new experiential learningmethods. The international award-winning company inspires, motivates, andmost of all empowers its students to live and create a life on their own terms - to Live Your Dream. The Coaching Institute is Australia’s premier Life Coaching school and has collected accolades such as a Telstra Business Award and multiple Business Women’s Awards. Indeed, the company has become Australia’s very first research-based and results proven school and has created the first Life Coaching diploma on the continent. The mission of the team is guiding students to create their dreams, supporting them with world leading methodologies, knowledge and skills that they can ultimately transition to their own dream business, career and most importantly life More than just a coaching school, The Coaching Institute inspires what is possible, and is deeply passionate about helping its students achieve their full potential. Through an array of training programmes and courses, the company teaches leadership skills, accountability, marketing, and much more. Preparing its students to embrace the Life Coaching path, The Coaching Institute equips its students with the confidence to take control over their career paths and goals – which is why The Coaching Institute has gone on to successfully train over 9,000 life, business, executive, and relationship coaches. Founded 17 years ago by Remi Pearson, the company has gone on to take over the Life Coaching world. Beginning in her bedroom with her dog walker as her first client, she has created a movement, creating personal and professional success for herself and most importantly her students. Remi has written six internationally best-selling books on personal, business, and coaching success, and has reinvented the industry, building award winning teams. Furthermore, she created the world’s first and only research based coaching methodology, Meta Dynamics™. Using over a decade of knowledge and experience as a highly influential coach, businesswoman, and leader, Remi developed the methodology to be the ‘perfect owner’s manual of your brain.’ Ultimately, it is a giant leap forward for the coaching industry, taking it to the next level. Remi’s innovative technique has been proven to get results faster – driving people to great success. The Coaching Institute truly values each of its students and, in turn, has cultivated an active and supportive community that regularly comes together to share advice and tips. It provides a dedicated Student Support Team (WOW TEAM) to its pupils that is filled with industry experts and devoted professional coaches. Aiming to constantly meet its exceptionally high standards, The Coaching Institute pours an immense amount of care and effort into both its courses and its students, as it firmly believes that it can help empower and motivate people. At the start of 2020 and in the midst of a global pandemic, The Coaching Institute was able to transform its entire business model in the space of four days. Shifting from solely face-to-face teaching to online methods, the company was able to continue operating throughout the strict Australian lockdowns, and – against all odds – grow exponentially. Over the course of 2020, its sales increased by 17% from 2019, and between 2020 and 2021, it stabilised at 12%. Moreover, as the company has expanded over the year, it has become imperative that it reinvents itself. It is with this growth in mind that the company is beginning to explore developing new offers for its international audience. Contact: Kate Rousetty Company: The Coaching Institute Web Address: https://www. thecoachinginstitute.com.au/ Best Coaching School 2021 - Australasia