APAC Business Awards 2021

36 APAC / Business Awards 2021 DHN & Company has delivered successful outcomes to its clients at all phases of business and project lifecycle throughout Australia, Asia Pacific, North America and Africa in strategic management, risk and governance, business transformation and optimisation and principal representation. It prides itself on providing a professional and expert approach, offering the flexibility of independence and an alternative perspective. DHN works with and alongside its clients to develop and build the connection between business strategy and operational success. It takes the time to develop relationships which generate understanding and true accountability for outcomes not just concepts. DHN is a dynamic consultancy with a focus on whole of organisation solutions. Its growing base of clients include tier 1 mining and resource companies, renewable energy companies leading the way in next generation energy solutions, established Best Global Mining & Energy Consulting Firm 2021 infrastructure providers and emerging contracting companies making new impressions on traditional markets. Its philosophy towards client service is all about the relationship it is able to build through an intimate knowledge of not only their business, but also understanding the key drivers of why they are in business. The majority of new clients engage with DHN to support them through a challenging business or project situation. In the beginning, there is the natural tendency to try and paint a picture better than reality. This highlights the importance of building a relationship of trust so DHN gets the full picture. Intrinsically linked to this is the reputation the company has built of confidentiality. Many of its clients are listed companies where it needs to be aware of potential market sensitive information and the impact disclosure may have on their business success. The level of confidentiality does limit the company’s ability to market its services through the use of its client names as many consultancies do, however it has been fortunate to have grown more through word of mouth and recommendation than traditional marketing platform and media. DHN is fortunate to have a culture of trust and openness towards how it works. At the core, all of its people are driven to deliver services to clients because of the relationships they build with them. There is a relaxed attitude to where and how this is achieved, just as long as it is achieved ethically, transparently, and commercially sustainably. At DHN, there aren’t any limits on leave, either annual leave or sick leave. There is a level of trust among colleagues that everyone is committed to the goals of the company and so everyone has each other’s back. If someone needs time away from the business, someone will step up to fill the gap for that period. Managing Principal, Darrin Noel said, “For this to work, it takes a certain type of personality and drive. Something not all potential employees can adapt to. It’s always interesting when people can’t embrace the level of freedom, trust and respect we have as a company because they haven’t experienced it before.” So, how has the business been affected recently with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic? Being based in Australia, DHN has been fortunate in many ways to have been sheltered to some degree from the impact of COVID-19. That said, its international business has been greatly impacted as borders have closed and international travel restricted or banned completely. The work DHN undertakes, particularly in the Pacific region has experienced considerable challenges with the pandemic causing many of the multinational companies to transition their operations into a care and maintenance position due to the overwhelming number of cases and unfortunate deaths. However, as the international borders have slowly reopened, DHN has been experiencing a level of requests for its service again which hasn’t existed since early 2020. It is again fielding enquiries from new clients who have been referred by existing ones as they are seeking to turn their businesses around and return to pre-pandemic operational levels. Speaking about future prospects for DHN, Darrin said, “We are excited to be expanding again into the African resource sector through past relationships and business partners.” Company: DHN & Company Pty Ltd Contact: Darrin Noel Email: [email protected] Website: www.dhncompany.com.au Nov21618 DHN& Company (DHN) is an Australian consulting firm specialising inmanagement consultancy and principal representation to the resource, renewable energy, construction and industrial services industries.