APAC Business Awards 2021

34 APAC / Business Awards 2021 Pilates helps us to work on our balance, posture, strength, and flexibility – in a unified way. This helps us to better our overall fitness, improves our body image, lifts our posture and encourages flexibility, and can help people to manage pain. Not only does Pilates benefit the body, but it also benefits the mind greatly as it releases endorphins, enriches the brain with oxygen, and is a mindful way to stay strong and fit. Founder and Owner Susan Nash tells us, “Pilates is an intelligent exercise.” It helps us to form a stronger bond with our bodies and minds as we “start building strength from the inside out.” As it re-wires our brains to create stronger bonds and better muscle memory, we “consciously control and refine movement making better, smoother, deeper movement patterns,” she says. After losing her mother in 2009 Susan wanted to follow her dreams more fully. She says, “Turning Tide Pilates Studio started life as a 5-year plan formulated in 2011.” She wanted to “do something expansive, brave, and exciting with the inheritance my Mum gifted me,” and that’s what she did. Susan spent time doing some soul-searching and decided to move to New Zealand with her Pilates Studio of the Year 2021 - Auckland husband Raoul, where she then set up the TTP studio. In 2014, Susan and Raoul discovered the beautiful Waitakeres, and fell for the “amazing Huia and Titirangi villages in west Auckland.” They then knew that “this was the perfect place to live and work,” she shares. “Fast forward to 2021 and Turning Tide Pilates in Titirangi is nearly 6 years old and thriving.” Susan has built a resilient, caring, and helpful team of people who all “aim to create an effective, enthusiastic, and dynamic team,” she adds. They all pledge to commit themselves to each client in a way that is respectful, kind, and inspiring. TTP ensures that its team has the best working environment to flourish, as it cares about both the client and the teacher. Susan has created a studio that is welcoming, deeply knowledgeable about the body and the Pilates method, and compassionate in approach. Having “also added Pilates and Wellness Retreats to the mix,” Susan has created a haven for a sweet escape and a time and place to reset and recharge. For the future, TTP will be continuing to flourish whilst it helps a wide range of individuals to upgrade their exercise regimes as well as take care of their mental wellbeing. Susan concludes, “We look forward to 2022, hoping for a year with no lockdowns and a great Bounce Back for Turning Tide Pilates.” Watch this space. Contact: Susan Nash Company: Turning Tide Pilates Web Address: https://www.turningtidepilates.co.nz/ Nov21314 Pilates is a powerful exercise method that is focussed on creating a strong and healthy body andmind in unison. Pilates is practiced all over the world and has attractedmany people to its unique system. Turning Tide Pilates is an award-winning Pilates studio based in Auckland that invites you to invest in yourself and live strong in the amazing changes that will follow. Here we see the benefits of getting fitter and healthier in its clients as Turning Tide becomes well-known for its work. We also speakwith its Founder and Owner, SusanNash, as we take a closer look.