APAC Business Awards 2021

APAC / Business Awards 2021 33 , Oct21544 The digital worldmoves swiftly, powered by a need for faster, better, more efficient systems and solutions. As an expert in the IT consultancy industry, Influence IT Consulting Pty. Ltd. has forged an incredible reputation for exceeding all expectations. Following the welldeserved recognition in the APAC Business Awards, we spoke withManaging Director Peter Brackstone to find out more about Influence IT Consulting’s history of success. It can be incredibly difficult for businesses – especially those who don’t inherently operate in the technology sphere – to grasp at the potential options available to them. Yet, with the greater business landscape moving to ever more digital arenas, it is becoming crucial for leaders and owners to capitalise on the latest IT infrastructure…or potentially be left behind. Equally, finding a trusted partner is vital to help guide and advise on the best ways to implement the technology to suit the very individual needs of a business. In this way, the IT consulting industry has boomed, with Influence IT Consulting curating an incredible reputation within. Here, Peter details the mission and values of Influence IT Consulting in building its position. “Ultimately, I created Influence IT Consulting Pty. Ltd. to allow for more flexibility in the way that we can deliver services to businesses of all sizes. Our focus is on superior client delivery, transparency and an honest opinion of what we believe is needed to deliver to our clients’ requirements. We won’t up-sell and won’t try to force anyone to use tools that don’t suit their needs or buy services that are inappropriate and unnecessary. Delivering beyond expectation and ensuring total satisfaction at an affordable price is the goal for our business and our business partners.” It’s easy to see how Influence IT Consulting’s foundation was designed in a way to be utterly client centric, with a focus on delivering solutions with transparency and honesty, as Peter continues. “I’m passionate about delivering high-quality service that ensures our clients’ business and IT problems are identified and dealt with quickly and effectively and so that they see value for money as soon as possible. My management and leadership skills have been built from consistent client focus with a human and organisational development competency.” Of course, the company’s success doesn’t begin and end with this focus on client centricity. It is bolstered by an almost unparalleled knowledge of the larger market and an understanding of solutions to solve almost any operational issue. “Our ability to service and support new and newish businesses is unrivalled in the local market, providing a single point of contact to establish a business’s digital fingerprint and to get it up and running as quickly as possible. Using our accounting software, card payments, telephony and loyalty scheme options, in addition to our branding and marketing services, we can provide the new business with a “Business Starter Pack” at an affordable price which includes everything (including printing!) needed to establish your business identity quickly within your specific market. Most of our products integrate with one another to make it as easy as possible for non-techies to use and to keep administration overheads at a minimum!” Today, the Influence IT Group delivers as Influence IT, braxit, braxtalk, Quikstart and Order4Me, showcasing the company’s expert offerings that meet a wide variety of needs. For Peter, it’s these various brands that remain a focus moving forward, as the company looks to consolidate its position in the region. “I’d like to see more growth in our braxit and braxtalk brands as they indicate our success with micro and small to medium businesses and I know that we’ve helped start-up and nearly new businesses to become established and grow. Hopefully, their success reflects back on us too. We’re hopefully delivering better, more reliable services in the future and working hard to keep prices affordable for the smaller businesses. One of our upcoming projects involves a Case Management System for Australia’s indigenous community and another will see the delivery of a Property Portfolio Management System for Indigenous housing.” Peter concludes by offering some insight into his own personal pursuit towards digital banking, “Naturally, our core business competencies will continue and my personal engagement in the delivery of a new digital bank, based in Brisbane, will continue to utilise my payments background.” Name: Influence IT Consulting Pty Ltd Contact Name: Peter Brackstone Website: https://influenceit.com.au/ Contact Email: peter.brackstone@ influenceit.com.au Telephone Number: +61756685773 “Our service driver is one of collaboration and co-operation, ensuring that our clients gain the best possible business advantage from their IT investment.” “I welcome the opportunity to earnmy clients’ trust and deliver to them the best service that my teamand I can at all times.” Influence IT Consulting Pty Ltd Best B2B IT Consultancy Firm – Australia