APAC Business Awards 2021

32 APAC / Business Awards 2021 , Being a contract manufacturing company, Vision Made Co offers full service and turnkey solutions when it comes to powdered health and sport supplements. Fundamentally, it helps guide clients through the entire process of product development, manufacture, distribution, and sales, aiding them in getting a product ready for the market and primed to sell. It also only works with a small selection of clients at any given moment – setting it apart from Best Emerging Food & NutritionManufacturing Consultancy - Australia many of its competitors – and allowing it a certain prestige, as it can dedicate a set amount of time and commitment to each and every client, working with them so that it can get a full understanding of their business’s product, goals, and mission. Vision Made Co produces all supplements for its clients, dramatically increasing the sales and revenue of brands serving big grocer companies and offering exemplary storage and distribution, taking the hassle out of the process so that a client can manage their stock from a laptop. Overall, this is part of its mission to cultivate a huge vision with matching goals. It wishes to become the largest and most recognised supplement manufacture company in Australasia; towards this goal, it has been gaining significant notoriety through its quality of product, customer service, and incredibly tight-knit company culture. Each of these factors make it a delight to work with for its clients, and have only been improving since its founding. Additionally, its current prevailing attitude towards customer service is another element that is ensuring its current popularity, as it strives to put itself in the customer’s shoes at every turn in order to understand them, asking itself if they would pay money for the services it offers and updating itself accordingly. This dedication to consistent development and improvement has made it a trusted cornerstone of its industry, emboldened further by its great experience and knowledge of marketing that helps it to understand deadline implementation needs, promotional date needs, and sales requirements in a wholesale manner. In essence, it treats every client’s business as though it were its own, protecting their stock and assets with the same thorough diligence that it affords its own operations. Moreover, due to its position being a remote work company based in Australia, it was one of the companies able to step up to the plate more than ever for its clients during the crisis, adapting quickly to client needs and managing complex conversations between brands and shipping channels. Being family run, its internal culture is one of consistently showing love and support to the other members of the team. Therefore, it hosts regular BBQs for its employees, and catchups are the norm, wherein staff are encouraged to relax, vent, and generate lifelong friendships. The staff room at the HQ reflects this perfectly, with its comfy seating, table tennis, basketball court, and lounge area, thanking each and every one of them for their consistently sophisticated and professional manner towards its customers. With an exciting year of growth ahead in 2022, it forecasts many more customers being brought on board and more products being accepted into large grocer chains, with export opportunities kicking off a as a result. Company: Vision Made Co Contact: Josh Spurway & Myrrah Balasabas Website: visionmadeco.com Oct21669 VisionMade Co, a contract manufacturer of sports and wellness supplements in the Australasianmarket, has been on the upward track to further growth since its inception. With this most recently being shown in its funding grant for new automated production lines that will be arriving in February of next year, and a strong belief in a tightly knit company culture, it and its staff are looking forward to further securing its place as one of the key supplement development andmanufacture companies in the region.