APAC Business Awards 2021

APAC / Business Awards 2021 29 , Oct21693 Being an online tech retail company, Koolbitz has developed a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the Amazon sales market. Fuelled by the founder’s love of technology and dedication to great customer service, it has made a name for itself by helping fellowAmazon retailers to find their feet in a diverse, dynamic, and highly changeable market segment. With outstanding products and a well-developed reputation for helping a client whenever and however they need it, this Australian company’s current growth spurt shows no signs of stopping. Koolbitz, a small e-commerce business based in Australia, has made a name for itself with its exemplary online retail acumen, making sales of the latest tech gadgets across a variety of platforms including Amazon. Fundamentally, its original intent has always been ecommerce in its purest form, and the journey of the founder reflects this; in 2018, Rosie Kovacs joined the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs group to best learn how to make these sales, allowing her to hit the ground running in the industry. This showed her how to make her sales across these multiple channels, and the more she learned, the more she found herself helping others do the same. After all, learning, teaching, and professional development are some of the core factors that secure the growth of an enterprise, especially in the e-commerce sector – a field that has grown so much over the past 18 months – and one that holds vast amounts of potential. In 2020, she was asked to join up with a small team helping provide technical support to AOE members. Today, this group has a membership clocking in at over 2600 people strong, and has allowed Rosie to foster her love of technology and her dedication to helping other people share her appreciation for it. Koolbitz itself, therefore, changed as a result; Rosie redefined it as more than a retail business, instead making it a tech support and online technology commerce platform that provides the resources required to give anyone access to start and grow their ecommerce business. Since this pivot 18 months ago, Koolbitz’s client base has expanded to far outside the AOE group, allowing it to continue to expand its product range to provide quality, practical, cool tech gadgets that will allure and impress the technologically minded market segment and bring more people into it. Furthermore, Koolbitz wishes to become a mainstay in supporting fellow Amazon based business owners to help them make their ecommerce journeys a success. Above all else, it considers customer service to be one of the most important factors of its business model; customers can expect to benefit from dealing with a business that boasts a work ethic centred around communication, reassurance, empathy, encouragement, and excitement, making the interactions with the customers as much a part of the service as the product. With Australia known as ‘the lucky country’, Koolbitz considers itself fortunate to find its base there. In essence, its position in Sydney – a place where excellent government subsidiaries and mentoring are available to budding business owners – has been a big part of its growth both nationally and internationally, supporting clients in Australia proper and the UK. As everything is handled remotely at Koolbitz, the pandemic also didn’t negatively impact it much, and it found itself able to step up to help its clients more than ever; its small team of Rosie and her social media manager making an inclusive culture of upskilling, flexibility, and development in order to create a healthy internal environment that it can extend out towards its customers. This will help it continue to support its customers at every turn, throughout changing Amazon policies and market shifts, looking forward to growing its team and seeing the expansion of the growing pool of glowing reviews it gets on a daily basis. Company: MelArpi Pty Ltd T/A Koolbitz Contact: Rosie Kovacs Website: koolbitz.com.au Best Independent Tech eCommerce Business - Australia