APAC Business Awards 2021

28 APAC / Business Awards 2021 , SuperMap Software Co Ltd (SuperMap) was the first listed GIS software company in China in 2009 – a huge milestone for the company, and now SuperMap has become one of the largest GIS platform manufacturers in the world with the third largest share in the global GIS market, while the first largest share is in the Asian GIS market (from ARC Advisory Group). It currently has a presence in more than 100 countries and has more than 1000 partners spread over 40 countries. By now, SuperMap has expanded its international market to Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. The past over ten years have witnessed SuperMap’s close cooperation with end-users from over 100 countries. SuperMap focuses on providing innovative GIS platform software and solutions for various industries, such as smart city, land management, real Best Global GIS Software & Solutions Provider 2021 estate, urban planning, pipeline management, public service, etc. With a mission to innovate IT value with geo-intelligence, and a vision to create cuttingedge technologies, and light up every corner of the planet with geo-intelligence, SuperMap has made a great effort on the development of the GIS platform with Big Data, Cloud Computing, AI, and Blockchain technologies. It has even developed a 3D GIS platform, which is not only for 3D visualisation, but also for 3D GIS operations, such as spatial query and analysis. The latest SuperMap GIS 10i(2021) integrates AI GIS technology, and further innovates Big Data GIS, 3D GIS, Distributed GIS and Cross Platform GIS to establish a five key technologies system of “BitDC” for GIS platform software. Recently, SuperMap was awarded the prestigious accolade of Best Global GIS Software & Solutions Provider 2021 in the APAC Business Awards and the company already has several events planned for the future, as well as further developments in the offing. SuperMap will be appearing at the GIS Software Technology Conference, referred to as GTC, which takes up the mission of “sharing the latest developments in GIS software, and exchanging the best practices in GIS applications”, and adopts the vision of “building the largest and most influential GIS software technologies conference in the world”. GTC has been annually held since 2017. It is recognized to be the largest event in the field of GIS software technology in China and the second-largest globally. We welcome everyone interested in GIS to the show across the globe. It is a highend geographic information technology conference with tens of thousands of participants. In the recently-held 4th International Workshop on GIS Technology and Application in November, there were nearly 400 government officials, university professors, and technical directors from 84 countries such as Russia, India, Afghanistan, the U.K., France, Australia, Nigeria, Egypt and Brazil present at the event to conduct exchanges on advanced GIS technologies and applications. Apart from developing full-range products, it constantly seeks to communicate with the GIS community by providing regular training courses for partners and clients and supporting GIS education in colleges and universities: SuperMap GIS Contest, 9.15 GIS Festival, and Collaborated GIS Labs. Contact Details Company: SuperMap Software Co., Ltd Contact: Selina Ding Web Address: www.supermap.com/en-us Oct21620 Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Beijing, SuperMap Software Co Ltd is an innovative geographic information system (GIS) platform software and service provider. It has become a leading figure in its industry and here we take a look at the work it does as it continues to grow.