APAC Business Awards 2021

APAC / Business Awards 2021 27 , Oct21691 With Over 20 years of manufacturing experience and a proven track record fromAustralia to Malaysia, EP Asia delivers guaranteed results. Renowned globally for its excellence, EP Asia’s teamof experts assist clients with customised solutions tailored to their requirements. Thus, producing quality service every time. EP Asia’s key focus is on eco-friendly waterproofing solutions, construction additives and a range of cleaners from household to heavy-duty degreasers, transport, marine wash and much more. EP Asia has worked with homeowners, SMEs, multinational corporations, and government departments, stretching from the Middle East to Indonesia. The company has ensured that its clients can get the best outcomes from real-life solutions, from leaking bathrooms to providing spotless homes, offices, and workplaces. Established in 2005, EP Asia uncompromisingly sources the best products from the best suppliers. In addition, the raw materials that the company uses are certified as 100% biodegradable by USDA and EU standards and all leading global environmental organisations. The EP Asia range is certified and tested by global standards with a full complement of international testing on its finished products. In addition, the company works closely with business owners, architects, CEO’s, project managers, property developers, oil and gas co.’s, homeowners and retail outlets to help them with the most effective solution. EP Asia’s vision is to deliver environmentally friendly solutions to industries that traditionally have not been eco-friendly conscious in their operations. As Southeast Asia is the world’s fastest-growing market, the need for eco-friendly solutions and education is of the utmost importance for our planet. The mission and vision for the company have never altered from this fact – believe firmly that the world needs environmentally friendly solutions. Over the last 15 years, EP Asia has worked with some of the world’s largest companies such as Petronas, Saudi Aramco, Mahindra, BHP, Shangri-La Group and Resorts World Bhd. Additionally, it has worked on award-winning architectural projects, including Guinness World Record winners - Worlds Longest Water Slide @ Penang. Using EP Total Waterproofing System and world heritage listed restoration projects, EP Asia believes this shows the quality of its products, systems, and service. The philosophy behind EP Asia has never changed from its origins as heavy industries such as construction, offshore oil & gas, factories and even homeowners need to change, such as the human mindsets towards saving the planet. As chemicals forever contribute to the environmental disaster the plant has now caught itself in; EP Asia only uses raw ingredients which are 100% environmentally friendly as recognised by the USDA. Furthermore, its finished products are tested and certified 100% biodegradable and ecofriendly across the globe. Moreover, as part of its service to clients, EP Asian helps educate them, the staff and even their clients towards a greener working place and safer environment for the workers. The Covid-19 pandemic created a nightmare scenario across Southeast Asia, and with every country locking down, factories closed, workforce without employment and nearly every industry shut for months on end, this meant the end for many SME’s. However, the positive outcome of Covid-19 has been business owners are more open and willing to discuss partnerships and collaborations. For example, since Malaysia has re-opened, EP Asia has partnered with over six companies for profit-sharing or OEM agreements. Furthermore, the future for EP Asia is beyond exciting as it has partnered with local media companies, extensive distribution networks, and leading players in each industry. In addition, the company has built collaborations with offline and online companies to help deliver and service its eco-friendly solutions, not only across Malaysia but expansion across Southeast Asia. Post-Covid, business owners need to be aggressive and seek new partners. So while other businesses are ready for your latest deals and ideas, collaborations and partnerships are out there just waiting for business owners to approach with the perfect pitch. That is the current mission of EP Asia now – to share growth and make the world greener and more successful than ever. Company Name: EP Asia Contact Name: Aurelia Harumal Web Address: http://epasia.net EP Asia Best Eco-Friendly Products Manufacturing Company - Southeast Asia