APAC Business Awards 2021

26 APAC / Business Awards 2021 , Since its establishment, Assist Card has been leading the industry worldwide with the pioneering concept of assisting people who have travelled who have gone without the disbursement of money in any event. The company offers immediate service in this situation, 24/7, globally, with the use of hundreds of languages to choose from. Assist Card manages the worlds’ largest global network of providers with the highest quality of standards and the capability to solve any number of problems from simple to complex professionally. In addition, the company is able to do this through a single contact, whether that is by telephone, website or any other mobile device, all through the Assist Card application. For nearly 50 years, Assist Card has been able to acclimate to the continuous alteration of travel needs, requirements and trends. Therefore, the company has been able to expand its service over the years, offering resolutions that aid every circumstance; meet and exceed the business ethos and customer expectations. Assist Card’s internal team of professionals are a passionate Leading Providers of Comprehensive International Travel Assistance 2021 and dedicated bunch of individuals who work across the globe. To encourage and maintain the reputation and business ethos of the company, Assist Card often looks for a candidate who is selfdriven and innovative. President Director of Assist Card Indonesia, Sandeep Bangara, explains, “I have been with Assist Card since 2009 and here- it is like a big family. Being here for that length of time is proof in itself. To us, employee welfare and wellbeing is one of the biggest priorities for the company.” Assist Card’s most prominent presence has been across China, South Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia. With these being the biggest countries within the travel market, the comeuppance of Covid-19 had a significant effect on the company. Due to the challenges of the pandemic, Assist Card was able to utilise its network with some of the biggest countries in the travel market and produce a Covid-19 cover for all its products, which has created bigger opportunities for the company. At Assist Card, it maintains a service-centric approach by providing 24/7 assistance to travellers in over 190 countries worldwide, and for decades, the company has been the only travel assistance company with assistance centres that are distributed globally and certified under international quality standards Most recently, Assist Card has received outstanding recognition for its 50 years of leadership in the travel assistance category within the 15th edition of the Bitácora del Mensajero Turístico Awards and is acknowledged as the Leading Providers of Comprehensive International Travel Assistance in the APAC Business Awards 2021. With its brand growing exponentially, Assist Card will continue to lead the industry for the foreseeable future. Company Name: PT Indonesia Assist Card Contact Name: Sandeep Bangara Web Address: www.assistcard.com Contact Email: sandeep. [email protected] Oct21881 Founded in Switzerland in 1972, Assist Card are the Leading Providers of Comprehensive International Travel Assistance and has been amember of the Starr Companies group since 2011. Developed with the conceptual aim to assist people during their trip to provide them with instant service - internationally, 24/7 and with hundreds of languages to utilise.