APAC Business Awards 2021

20 APAC / Business Awards 2021 , Family-owned businesses are often a formidable force in the commercial world. Never more so than when family members share the same values and goals. Mayella Organic is the brainchild of Robyn Carrington and Amanda Parker. The mum and daughter share a passion for “Clean Beauty” – natural botanical products that are ethical, benefit the body, and are kind to the environment. Robyn and Amanda view ‘family’ as the most important thing in life. It’s at the heart of everything they do. So when it came to naming the brand, they took their inspiration from Amanda’s daughter, Sophie Mayella. Amanda tells us, “By bringing our family into our brand, we are creating products from our family to yours. We work together as a team to share our passion for nature’s medicine. We provide families with beautiful natural skincare and wellbeing products. With Robyn’s background is in the luxury spa industry, her Best Family-Owned Organic Skincare Brand - Australia deep understanding of self-care and restoration is invaluable to Mayella. Amanda describes her mother as the “backbone” of the business. Robyn has been instrumental in taking the business from a one-to-one client base into the wider community. Then we have Amanda, who has a background is in holistic healing – she has been helping clients to heal and thrive for over 30 years. Together the pair are hands-on every step of the way. When it comes to sourcing, only ethical, authentic natural products will do. The brand has built relationships with a list of trusted suppliers and growers around the world. Cosmos, Ecocert, Certified organic, and Wildcrafted certifications are essential markers of the brand’s quality requirements when sourcing raw ingredients. As well as being sustainably sourced, the ingredients are also vegan and cruelty-free. New formulas are often inspired by indigenous ingredients and the healing rituals of ancient cultures. Amanda explains, “We’re proud to source many of our unique ingredients here in Australia. We use these across our range of skincare, whole food nutrition and herbal teas. Being local, the ingredients have incredible botanical activity and nutritional profiles. Of course, there’s the added bonus of reduced logistics too.” The manufacturing and development arms of the brand are based on the Australian Gold Coast where the family live. The brand also has a showroom and warehouse in Miami, Queensland, with a dedicated Australian customer base and worldwide distribution. Consumers trust the Mayella Organic brand to deliver on its promises. Over recent years, the company has noted increased public interest and awareness in investing in clean skincare and nutrient-rich health foods. In response, Mayella has extended its range of products to include nutritional supplements and herbal teas. The company has put together a free guide entitled ‘7 Steps to Better Health’ and launched an email newsletter service designed to help individuals improve their health and wellbeing. Amanda tells us a bit about what Mayella looks for in prospective team members, “Passion and curiosity, combined with a natural ambition to continue learning and growing as a person. A love of health and engagement with their own physical wellbeing is essential too – you can’t preach what you don’t practice.” She summarises what 2021 has been like for Mayella, “2021 has been a big growth year for us. We’re so grateful that we’ve been able to continue making a success of the brand despite the pressures everyone has been under recently. We’re already planning and setting goals for next year. We’ll continue to inspire our community with our brand message of health and wellness during these difficult times. It’s so rewarding to see people embracing what we have to share and seeing how it helps them to thrive in their busy lives.” Looking to the future, in 2022, Mayella plans to release more new products and launch additional resource materials. Contact: Amanda Parker Company: Probioskin Pty Ltd T/A Mayella Organic Web Address: https://mayellaorganic.com/ Oct21665 Mother and daughter team, Robyn Carrington and Amanda Parker are the founders of Mayella Organic. The brand is inspired by the pair’s love for natural skincare, whole food nutrition, and holistic health. Working in partnership since 2010, Robyn and Amanda have built a stand-out brand that features the finest products, whilst promoting sustainability and fair trade.