APAC Business Awards 2021

18 APAC / Business Awards 2021 , Mumbai company, Kaptify Consulting, takes a 360○degree approach to help businesses gain a foothold in the capital markets. Kaptify positions itself as a boutique investor relations and strategic consulting business. Working in the corporate sector, the company prides itself in offering end-to-end solutions. Kaptify assists its clients in raising investor capital at every stage of their journey. From building a business to scaling up operations and increasing profitability, the company specialises in getting clients “capital market-ready”. Building the necessary systems and processes is essential to gain access to domestic and institutional investors. Core services include process implementation, investor and public relations and annual report makeovers. Kaptify’s training and guidance help businesses to gain an understanding of and confidence in the capital markets arena. All of which contribute to making a business attractive to potential investors as well as corporate clients. Managing Partner Vinay Pandit tells us, “We carefully select the kind of investors who are best suited to each company. We showcase the company to those specific investors. This strategy leads to a high conversion Best Investor Relations Consulting Firm - India rate. We work closely with our corporate clients. Our aim is to plan and execute corporate governance practices that translate to value creation for both the company and its shareholders.” At present, Kaptify focuses solely on the Indian market. The company foresees plenty of opportunity for growth in this area in the coming years. However, Vinay tells us that the company is also open to partnering with like-minded companies around the globe should the opportunity present itself. Although keen to grow, Vinay tells us that Kaptify has no intention of sacrificing the quality and integrity of its work to do so, “Whilst this may impact the pace of our growth, we believe it is important to lay a strong foundation for our future growth strategy. Client satisfaction is key to our success. Covid has taught us to work lean and smart, optimising the efficiency and output of the team.” The team culture at Kaptify is one of mutual respect. Each employee has duties and responsibilities assigned to them. They are trusted to work towards the common goals of the company and maintain high levels of confidentiality. Kaptify wants every team member to enjoy their work and feel as though they are part of a family. When hiring, Vinay looks for commitment, output, efficiency, and maturity. Looking to the future, Kaptify will continue to focus on the quality of its work and speed of response to its clients. Vinay believes this will set Kaptify apart from its competition. Although the company is unable to share full details of its future projects there are some exciting developments on the horizon. Contact: Vinay Pandit Company: Kaptify Consulting Web Address: www.kaptify.in Nov21058 With nearly 2 decades experience working in capital markets, Kaptify Consulting is a new generation consulting firm. Whatever the project, this knowledgeable company uses SMART objectives to help clients realise their ambitions. We speak to its Founder &Managing Partner, Vinay Pandit, to find out more.