APAC Business Awards 2021

APAC / Business Awards 2021 17 , Nov21243 Niagara Therapy is a pioneer of Cycloid Vibration Therapy (CVT), a technique that has improved the lives of millions of people worldwide. The Australian company has been designing andmanufacturingmedical devices from its purpose-built facility in Queensland since 1969. CVT is a technology used to relax muscles and improve blood circulation in the body. The treatment, which is a type of deep tissue massage, also aids lymphatic draining and joint mobility. Niagara Therapy makes CVT therapeutic equipment such as beds, chairs, and handheld massage devices. The special CVT motor, with its unique suspension system, delivers a three-dimensional massage. This penetrates deep into muscle tissues and promotes healing using a non-invasive approach. The technology has proven effective in the treatment of health complaints such as pressure ulcers and cellulitis. It’s also a successful way to provide repeatable relief for a range of musculoskeletal aches and pains. The founder of Niagara in the United States, Owen K Murphy, came across CVT technology by chance in 1948. Having worked in the medical corps during World War II, Mr Murphy recognised its potential and secured the patent. Today, Niagara Therapy distributes devices throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Clients include the general public, hospitals and treatment centres, and professional athletes and sports teams. CVT can also be used to delay or avoid health issues in the future. The Niagara spokesperson tells us, “Quite often, the work we do can place a large amount of strain on our bodies. Commercial drivers and machinery operators are examples of those who may experience issues due to ongoing wear and tear. Problems can build up over time. Health, mobility and well-being are important priorities in life. Relief from muscle and joint pain, along with improvements in healing and mobility can help to secure a good quality of life in our later years.” The dedicated team at Niagara have an infectious passion for helping people. The company offers prospective clients full, noobligation trials of its equipment to make sure it will be an effective treatment for them. The company is proud of its commitment to providing clients with a high level of care and support to ensure they are confident in their investment choice. With all of its products appearing on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, clients can be confident that devices have been extensively studied and tested. Clinical studies fully support the company’s therapeutic claims. Niagara’s charitable arm, the Crown Pin Foundation, also helps children with disabilities. If hospitals and treatment centres are intimidating to adults, their clinical appearance can be terrifying for children. Fairyland Centres were first created in the 1950s with the help of Niagara’s founder. They are facilities that are specially equipped to cater for children. The colourful, friendly treatment centres focus on fun so that children enjoy going for therapy. CVT devices in toys, playmats and chairs deliver treatment to children while they play. Niagara donates its equipment to schools throughout Australia and New Zealand. The children who receive CVT are often calmer, happier, less agitated and experience less pain. Soon, the company is looking to export its products to China. A challenging and exciting journey lies ahead. Contact: https://www.niagara. com.au/contact-us/ Company: Niagara Medical Therapy Web Address: https://www.niagara.com.au/ Manufacturing & Export Development Excellence Award