APAC Business Awards 2021

APAC / Business Awards 2021 13 , Oct21766 To preserve the authentic and rich Asian food heritage, Carefoods Industries has immersed itself in extensive research and development, ensuring recipes are shelf-stable without using preservatives, artificial colours, or synthetic flavourings. Recognised as the Sauce Manufacturer of the Year, Carefoods brings traditional Asian recipes to the market whilst ensuring that flavoured heritage will not be dispelled with global modernisation. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Carefoods Industries was established in 1989 by Mickey Quah, the active Owner and Founder of the company. The core of Carefoods was based on an essential vision to sustain the rich food heritage of Malaysian culture. The company has successfully built and maintained its reputation for over 30 years by providing authentic and traditional Malay, Nyonya, Chinese and Indian recipes. All of which have been handed down for generations, using modern technology and food science to enrapture and preserve consistency, flavour, quality, and heritage. Carefoods has an unmatched consideration for its product. The company’s thorough attention to detail recreates fragrances, freshness, and texture to capture the essence of authentic and highquality Asian cultured products. Currently, the company has over 400 different sauces, branching into western flavours and collaborating with one of Japan’s largest sauce manufacturers to develop authentic halal Japanese products to broaden its range and diversify its sector. Moreover, since 2019, Carefoods has been acknowledged within several sectors of the industry, winning awards such as ‘Business of the Year’ from the International Trade Council and ‘Sauce Manufacturer of the Year – Southeast Asia’ from APAC Business Awards along with ‘Food Manufacturer of the Year’ from Global 100. With numerous amounts of recognition under its wing, Carefoods has upheld its reputation with many years of high-quality products, building its unparalleled success within the industry for many generations to come. In addition to its sauce empire, Carefoods has shifted towards healthy and convenient soups, and rice noodles. By combining its products, clients are bound to produce an immensely flavourful, healthy, and authentic dish that is innovatively and passionately created. For Carefoods, being in an environment that harbours a melting pot of Asian culture, the company is often faced with ongoing competition. However, despite the rising number of competitors, Carefoods is able to sustain constant superiorquality products with passion and persistence, unlike other companies who cut costs during production and manufacturing. An effect of the Covid-19 pandemic is the lifestyle change that has risen significantly over the past two years, where people are cooking at home more instead of going out – albeit most of the time it was out of necessity with lockdowns and government regulations. Still, since the ease of restrictions, homecooked meals have stayed a constant integration for most homes globally. With the rising interest in home cooking, there has been an increasing demand for cooking sauces. Hence, Carefoods has partnered with several international companies to create private label manufacturing of its sauces, a network that allows Carefoods to focus on manufacturing and its linked company can focus on sales and marketing. For Carefoods, to cope with the increased volume of its product the company is upgrading its machinery to improve efficiency and keep up with demand. With copious amounts of orders underway, Carefoods is excited to embark on its productive path progression, providing delicious, authentic and traditional Asian heritage cuisine to customers worldwide. Company: Care Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. Name: Mickey Quah Web Address: www.asianmeals.com Sauce Manufacturer of the Year - Southeast Asia