Business Awards 2020

8 APAC / Business Awards 2020 , Established in 2016, Bio-Med Animal Health is committed to bringing the cornerstone of service that is individualistically tailored to your animal’s health needs and requirements. To begin, Angelo provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its clientele. “At Bio-Med Animal Health, our core focus lies on the development of premium animal health products for a vast range of applications within the veterinary health industry around the world, along with offering access to integrative and holistic veterinary medicine solutions for both large and small animal species. Naturally, our core mission is to allow science and wisdom to unite, and further welcome a space that embraces greater health and true healing through innovation, research, education, support, and collaboration within the veterinary health community, side by side, globally. “Collectively, we truly believe that when naturopathic veterinary medicine meets allopathic veterinary medicine, a synergy between the two models of health establishes a true and exceptional foundation of holistic and primary patient care when applied appropriately, therefore improving the health and well-being of our animals. “Whilst ensuring the needs, requirements and expectations of our animal owners are met we also exceed the demands from our veterinary clients. An extensive network of professionals allows our clients access to leading Veterinary Naturopathic/Herbalist Practitioners, Veterinary Surgeon/Medicine Practitioners and Allied Health Services, proudly covering a broad spectrum of areas including but not limited to; integrative veterinary medicine and surgery, equine & canine performance medicine and surgery, theriogenology (animal reproductive medicine) and livestock/production.” The health and wellbeing of all animals matters to Bio-Med Animal Health, and it’s this reason which the team hold themselves accountable and responsible for contributions to the educational awareness of the health needs of animals, as Angelo explains further. “Bio-Med Animal Health has set the global benchmark and standard in customer service and patient care within the integrative veterinary field, and is committed to leading the cornerstone of service within the industry. The team share the philosophy that every animal and client matters, irrespective of gender, gender identification, age, socioeconomic status, sexual, religious and/or political beliefs. Only the importance of the needs and requirements of our patients will be perceived and acknowledged. Best Integrative Veterinary Medicine Company - Australia Bio-Med Animal Health is an animal health company specialising in holistic and integrative veterinarymedicine solutions. Recently, we profiled the firmand caught up with Angelo Koutsourakis to find out more about how they established a reputation for being one of the best integrative veterinarymedicine companies in Australia today. Nov20316 “No matter how minor or complex our clients’ needs are, the core philosophy behind our client service and patient care is to always listen effectively, allow our clients to be heard and to not discriminate. To ensure an animal’s health needs and requirements are met effectively, we work tirelessly hard developing holistic solutions. “Whether it is developing highly innovative and unique animal health products for a vast and diverse range of applications in both small and large animals, or whether it is in veterinary practice, we take into consideration the whole animal, and ensure that every product or service is clinically relevant, superior, safe, effective and ultimately improves the health and well-being of our animals.” Regarding the internal culture at Bio-Med Animal Health there is no hierarchical structure in place and as Angelo points out, this encourages everybody to take responsibility for their own actions. “Together we ensure our culture is of an inclusive nature for all staff, clientele and stakeholders. With an indiscriminate culture, we ensure that every single stakeholder’s needs and welfare are acknowledged, met and/or exceeded. While we take accountability very seriously, we all perceive each other as equals, and welcome new ideas, refinements and/or concepts, and will always ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and acknowledged. The team ensures to acknowledge and praise each other whenever a member of the company, external stakeholder or our clients have gone over and beyond our own company and cultural expectations and standards.” Although any new staff members must have the necessary skills and experience to work for Bio-Med Animal Health, it’s also important they are able to demonstrate a range of personal qualities as Angelo points out. “Naturally, our people and our culture form a critical component of Bio- Med Animal Health, therefore when recruiting staff, it is necessary to assess professional skills and experience particularly within the nature of our work. However, the most important factor is the willingness to learn, the mindfulness of the prospective employee and a selfless commitment to the client and/or patient care.” Finally, Angelo commented on the future of Bio-Med Animal Health, sharing some of its plans for 2021 and beyond. “The future is bright, and the company will continue to showcase its expertise and passion for animal health on a global scale. Bio-