Business Awards 2020

7 APAC / Business Awards 2020 g Best Home Theater Audio-Visual & Smart Home Solutions Company- Pakistan a model in which the senior division head waitlists a gathering from every office and are allowed to travel to another country to go to shows and training to get familiar with everything they can about their field and afterward re-visitation of offering their mastery with the remainder of the firm. The group additionally flaunts industry-driving specialized aptitude that is continually evaluated and refreshed through instructional meetings driven virtually or face to face by the Head of Research, who is devoted to keeping up to date with the consistently developing nature of the A/V and automation industry. Desert Sound creates sound architectural designs that strictly adhere to Industry Standards set by accrediting bodies including CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association). These certifications are refreshed annually to inform clients of the high standard of excellence that is maintained at Desert Sound, and to ensure the team is always at the top of its game. This is compounded by proactive encouragement for team members to undertake professional certifications, not only growing Desert Sound’s expertise but also promoting the personal and professional development of individual team members. The result is a supportive and evolving internal culture that feels more like a family than a team of colleagues. Rarely has this been more apparent than during the recent recession when, despite the demanding and unprecedented challenges of Covid-19, the company didn’t lose any of its employees. During 2020, sales were understandably lower than they had been in the years before, as construction projects were put on hold all across Pakistan. However, Desert Sound was not to be deterred and quickly put their creative thinking on how they could remain financially stable throughout this unpredictable year. While new sales were harder to secure, Desert Sound got in contact with their existing customers to offer them upgrades by introducing special offers. As the lockdowns and stay-at-home measures saw the majority of its clientele relying on their entertainment systems more heavily, the firm’s offer was warmly accepted and proved to be a mutually beneficial move. Desert Sound also launched social media campaigns to attract new customers who were looking for ways to entertain themselves whilst stuck at home. The firm also continued to deliver their high levels of customer service by troubleshooting their brand partners’ products and servicing them at their clients’ residences where possible by strictly following safety measures to protect themselves and their clients. As a result through hard work and determination, Desert Sound has been able to pull through a year which may not have been as profitable as usual but certainly eliminated any risk to its future. As the firm enters 2021, it is able to look ahead to a bright future with many projects soon to be revealed. These projects will see a focus on new construction concepts such as the application of fully customised smart home products alongside AV integration and security control. As they constantly stay at the cutting-edge of technological developments and architectural trends, we cannot wait to see how Desert Sound grows and evolves over the months and years to come. Contact: Abdul Karim Mirani / Muhammad Ali German Company: Desert Sound Web Address: Email: [email protected]