Business Awards 2020

6 APAC / Business Awards 2020 , Desert Sound is a brand that has become synonymous across Pakistan with Hi-Tech and Hi-End audio-video and smart home solutions. The firm provides uniquely crafted home theatres, media rooms and audiophile nirvana at reasonable costs delivered with hands-on customer service from the initial consultation to final installation. As the audio-visual market becomes increasingly saturated with mind- bending technology and a never-ending selection of gadgets for enthusiasts, Desert Sound is committed to its role as a guide for clients. Going above and beyond in service, the team does not only sell equipment, but also collaborates with clients to identify their requirements and vision for their project. The team uses this information to find and recommend the products best suited to a client’s specifications from some of the world’s leading audio-visual manufacturers, using their profound industry knowledge to simplify the decision-making process. In addition to selecting the equipment, Desert Sound also employs its expertise in designing the space, completing 3D renderings, architectural planning and room treatment for acoustic corrections, taking care of the complex technical aspects of a build so that the client only has to think about what they want their finished product to be. Providing everything from multiple room audio-video networking, state-of-the-art home automation, motorized screens and curtains to luxurious handcrafted home theatre furniture, high-end audio-video equipment, turn-key home cinema projects and smart homes, Desert Sound has everything required to realise their clients’ visions. Notwithstanding the organization’s extensive determination of items and administrations, Desert Sound is able to boast competitive prices. By working intimately with their customers, the group can decide spending plans in the underlying phases of a task and accordingly just select alternatives in items and administrations that work for their customer. Thus, Desert Sound keeps on conveying their guarantee to deal with all the technical and complex elements of a project on behalf of their client. Fundamentally, Desert Sound is built on a company ethos to meet and exceed the high expectations of their clients. The firm’s clientele Best Home Theater Audio- Visual & Smart Home Solutions Company- Pakistan Desert Sound is a Pakistani-based provider of home theatres, media rooms and audiophile nirvana, driven by amission to provide complete AV and smart home solutions to clients at an exceptional standard for affordable prices. Going above and beyond just simply selling the equipment to customers, Desert Sound offers bespoke and comprehensive services tomake the process of buying and installing congenial and easy. Sep201158 comprises of individuals seeking immaculate design and meticulous attention to detail, who know what they want and have done their research in terms of products, installation and services. Many of Desert Sound’s customers are also people who have been referred to the firm by former clients who have benefited from the one-stop-shop structure of the business and its ability to build a masterpiece without compromising on performance or comfort. As there are so many major components and concepts that go into designing a home theatre or media room, Desert Sound understands the importance of delivering excellence in every element. By delivering complete solutions, the firm is able to build entertainment centres around the lifestyle of their clients by establishing exactly what the client seeks from their space through comprehensive conversations with them. Desert Sound is then able to implement this knowledge with expert design and installation services to create a bespoke media and entertainment space, perfectly tailored to the lifestyle and aesthetics of the client. Desert Sound clients are also able to put their projects in the company’s trusted hands, confident in the knowledge that the team’s passion is matched by their accreditations and skillset. A specific group of specialists including engineers, programmers, architects and interior designers, Desert Sound works in cohesion with its partners within a multitude of globally renowned companies to deliver cutting- edge entertainment and media centres of an exceptional standard. In doing so, Desert Sound makes sure mistakes are not made at any stage of the process, saving time and costs for the client further down the line. This is very important to the firm who are committed to keeping costs within their clients’ budgets and never spending unnecessarily. This begins with sourcing the right products and continues with offering effective and efficient services to create projects that last. As an organization, Desert Sound effectively energizes the turn of events and development of its colleagues, who are each selected for their energy, respectability, aspiration, polished methodology, and solid hard working attitudes. Training is persistent by following