Business Awards 2020

5 APAC / Business Awards 2020 g Best Working Capital Solution Provider - Australia In order to continue doing so, Fifo Capital is always on the lookout for new talent to join the team which is so integral to the firm’s success. When recruiting, the team looks for hard working professionals with certain key attributes including a willingness to put the customer first, as well as a hunger to go the extra mile whenever they can for their clients. After all, it is this passionate drive that has pushed Fifo Capital to become the successful firm that it is today, known for its outstanding, market-leading customer service. These values continue to drive Fifo Capital as they look to the future, which is projected to be filled with even more innovative finance offerings and an ongoing commitment to making the clients’ needs the top priority of the whole team. While many of its competitors in the market are playing catch up with ‘me too’ business finance offerings, Fifo Capital is by no means easing the pressure to allow them to do so. Although the firm is yet to reveal its plans over the coming months and years, we can be sure that Fifo Capital will be staying ahead of the curve time and time again for years to come. As a result, there is no doubt that exciting times lie ahead for the Fifo Capital team and their clients. Contact: Wayne Morris Company: Fifo Capital Australia Pty Ltd Web Address: