Business Awards 2020

4 APAC / Business Awards 2020 , After its successful establishment in New Zealand in 2005, Fifo Capital arrived in Australia in 2007 as a business financier that provides technology-based working capital cashflow solutions with a human touch. Often nicknamed the ‘fintech with a face’, Fifo Capital stands out from its competitors for its emphasis on client service, offering effective, client- friendly and innovative financial solutions. When Fifo Capital first began operating, the firm pioneered single invoice finance in Australia, delivering it with a customer-first option that was built on speed and flexibility. Driven by its mission to provide agile, customer-focused solutions through expertise, products and systems, Fifo Capital has grown from its strong foundations to create a portfolio of finance offerings designed to facilitate business success. This includes invoice finance, trade finance, supply chain finance and short-term business loans. Invoice finance remains an integral element to Fifo Capital’s offering, having been the launch pad for the innovation which would propel the firm to lead the alternative working capital finance sector of Australia. Staying constantly ahead of the competition, Fifo Capital’s streamlined finance options and customer-centric approach has not only helped businesses across Australia to optimise their working capital position, but seen Fifo Capital become recognised as one of Australia’s leading alternative B2B finance providers. For decades, large financial institutions had been the dominant players in the Australian working capital market, but in the last ten to fifteen years, this has begun to change. Niche or alternative finance providers have gradually emerged on the market, opening opportunities up to businesses to tap into capital which was previously reserved predominantly for larger businesses. In correlation to the increasing quantity of alternative funding sources in Australia, the number of financiers has also grown. At the same time, the Australian market has become more lucrative as a result of the financial groups that are buying up smaller players to increase market share, whilst also fuelling their own growth. Consequently, increased competition has seen a growing awareness of the alternative funding sources that are available to businesses, meaning that innovation and personalisation of service is more important than ever. As businesses look to grow in a global market that is experiencing increasing pressures on credit, a phenomenon which began in 2007 Best Working Capital Solution Provider - Australia Fifo Capital Australia is a business financier committed to providing technology-based working capital cashflow solutions and expert financial advice for businesses of every size. Unlike most of their competitors on the fintechmarket, Fifo Capital prioritises customer service, providing client-friendly and innovative solutions that are effective up and down the supply chain. Oct20032 when the GFC shaped the financial services market with a squeeze on commercial credit, and has been accelerated by the effects of Covid-19, Fifo Capital has differed from its competition in major financial institutions, which have chosen to act in self-preservation. Assessing and funding business with an ‘art and science’ approach, Fifo Capital has not only been able to profit from the lack of credit, but also to establish itself as a strong contender in the Australian market by looking beyond the banking establishment for funds when assisting businesses. Fifo Capital’s radical, empathetic approach towards the needs of businesses has enabled it to grow and evolve to become what businesses seek in a finance partner. In addition, the team collaborates with industry bodies and leaders, learns through ongoing consultations and takes part in thorough market research. The result is personable service that establishes strong working relationships, which in turn enhances the professionalism, integrity and innovation that drives Fifo Capital to find the best possible financial solutions for their clients. Fifo Capital consistently receives Net Promoter™ Score accolades well above the financial industry norm, kudos which more than fifty offices across Australia are very proud to have achieved. However, the true testament to the firm’s revolutionary and successful approach to financial solutions is the comment that the Fifo Capital team hear time and time again: ‘we didn’t know we could get this type of working capital funding’. In an increasingly saturated market, businesses can find it hard to know which financiers offer what, and how those firms can guide them through and beyond vanilla business overdrafts, trade and debtor finance. Fifo Capital’s mentality, that asks clients the question, ‘what are your financial challenges and where do you want to take your business now and into the future?’ is proof that Fifo Capital is the premier choice for Australian businesses, as it is driven by a genuine desire to help a business succeed. This desire to help and grow clients’ businesses is what has inspired innovation since 2007, when Fifo Capital first entered the Australian market with their unique trade and supply chain finance solution. The Fifo Capital team has always been united in their vision to help clients grow their business, and through the cultivation of an internal culture of hard work, collaboration and professionalism, the firm has been able to realise this goal.