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38 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 German Business Awards Best Overseas Christian Study Programmes 2020 The International Christian Student Exchange and Study Programs (ICSESP) is part of Change Through Education, a Christian charitable organisation, which offers a great platform for prospective Christian students who are looking to study abroad. EU Business News caught up with Founder Christian Paelchen about the services, goals and commitment offered to students and their families. Oct20340 The organisation ICSESP was formed to provide a platform for Christian educational institutions to share details of their student exchange programs, as well as to offer Christian students and their families support on their journey to studying abroad. International Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities detail their student exchange and study programs via the ICSESP website and Christian students looking to study abroad can enter criteria for their course such as the country they would like to study in, the type of qualification or the accommodation options. Choosing to study abroad is a huge step for any student, whilst international study has many benefits such as hands-on experience of different cultures, opportunities to hone in on language skills as well as the opportunity to see the world (or part of it at least), it can also seem quite daunting to young Christians who for some this will be the first time leaving home. This is where ICSESP comes in, the various videos, PDFs and slideshows on a host of institutions is great for supporting students’ decisions. The platform is set up so that each user is easily able to compare and contrast Christian institutions, the regions and the programs to support studying decisions. Once students have selected their Christian School, College or University and their program, ICSESP don’t stop there, with advice on any financing which may be needed, to preparing for program start and advice whilst studying, this non-profit organisation offers some great support and advice on every step of the international studying journey. There are a number of Christian- focussed brands that form part of the Change Through Education umbrella, which offers support to Christians in other areas of their lives beyond international study programs. Here are just a selection of the key focus areas for the Charitable organisation: Fit for Family - aimed at supporting Christians in finding love and building a family Christian non-profit Consulting - supporting free consultancy services for charity organisation Change Through Education ICS Christian School Founding Christian Partnership Test With Christian Paelchen at the driving force dedicated to supporting Christians in their education, their work and their personal lives, we are confident there will be further developments and expansions for the group, we look forward to hearing how Change Through Education evolves and develops further as we step into a new calendar year. Company: International Christian Student Exchange and Study Programs Website: 50% OFF DISCOUNT CODE: EU-NEWS-AWARD2020