Business Awards 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 German Business Awards 37 , Leaders in Non-Surgical Orthopaedic Medicine - Baden-Württemberg As a large orthopedic center on the Böblinger Flugfeld, Orthopädische Praxis Breitenbacher specializes in non-surgical therapy concepts, focusing in particular on holistic and innovative regenerative treatment options within modern medicine. Following their recent success the German Business Awards, we decided to take a closer look at the practice to find out how they established a reputation for being leaders in non-surgical orthopaedic medicine in Baden-Württemberg. Sep20961 Founded in 2001, Orthopädische Praxis Breitenbacher started as a small orthopedic office in the center of Sindelfingen focused on standard non-surgical treatments. In the last few years, the practice has expanded its services, and now the team specializes in more new/alternative examinations and treatment techniques, in order to avoid chirurgical interventions like shockwave therapy or osteopathic and chiropractic treatments. Today, Orthopädische Praxis Breitenbacher’s philosophy and understanding of values are based upon their very own high quality standards in the areas of patient communication, treatment quality, advanced training and qualifications as well patient and employee satisfaction to name but a few. Through an active internal and external quality management, the team at Orthopädische Praxis Breitenbacher have been working for years to find ways to improve their performance whilst minimizing errors. Having a regular benchmark provides the practice with important information about their current performance in a practical comparison. It is not just their commitment to improving their services which has enabled the practice to stand out amongst their competitors within this dynamic industry. For Orthopädische Praxis Breitenbacher, the team’s main intention is to treat goal-directed within a causal and not systematic approach with targets on a long acting healing response. As such, the team need more time to create an individual treatment plan based on the special problems of the patient. Through the use of modern and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic features, like Elastographie, 4D Spine Static Analysis or SpineMED Table Decompression Systems, it helps the team to detect and eliminate the main key lesion and help to avoid a relapse. Delivering these personalized services, is the exceptional team which forms the foundation of Orthopädische Praxis Breitenbacher. The highly specialized team of experienced doctors and therapists at the practice have all set themselves a goal to offer the best possible medical care that is based on the latest standards. Their interdisciplinary collaboration with their own in-house therapy facility, enables the team to closely interlink and medically monitor high-quality care within their practice facility which their patients benefit from on the same day. Staying true to their motto of “Break New Ground Together”, the team at Orthopädische Praxis Breitenbacher will continue to remain on the lookout of the latest medical developments, which they will exchange for professional information, both nationally and internationally, within networks in order to continuously improve their treatment quality and outcome going forward. As the team plan ahead, they hope to achieve further development of new regenerative treatment concepts, such as PRP or stem cell therapy and combine them with modern technical features like focussed shockwaves (ESWT) and high frequency magnetic fields like EMTT. Alongside this, the practice is also looking forward to new diagnostic features in MRI or ultrasonic image. All in all, the future looks bright for the team at Orthopädische Praxis Breitenbacher as they further establish their reputation in the industry as being leaders in non-surgical orthopaedic medicine. Company: Orthopädische Praxis Breitenbacher Contact: Breitenbacher Web Address: