Business Awards 2020

35 APAC / Business Awards 2020 , Human capital is important for any business and investing in hiring the right people with the right skills is essential to a successful organisation. It is a common trend for employers to fill their recruiting funnel with as many candidates as possible, but it’s not always about the number of candidates who apply. The key to talent recruitment is to focus on a person’s individual talent and skillset, as well as their growth potential with the organisation. Randstad Hong Kong supports individuals and organisations in realising their true potential by combining the power of today’s technology with our passion for people. The HR solutions firm partners with various companies, from non-profit to commercial, start-ups to multinationals, that are based in the Greater China region on talent recruitment, staffing and outsourcing, outplacement and contracting services.The company’s core values are to know, to serve and to trust, and these truly represent their passion and determination to develop, grow and better serve their clients, candidates and stakeholders. As a global talent recruitment firm, Randstad has a goal to touch the work lives of 500 million people around the world by 2030. It drives the company forward and motivates employees to constantly contribute toward economic growth through powerful and sustainable human capital development strategies. Randstad is also a global leader in HR technology and has a strategic corporate venture fund which aims to fuel innovation coined as ‘Randstad Innovation Fund’. Randstad has multiple complementary investments in the HR technology space and aims to expand its current portfolio from early-stage to expansion stage with a focus on digital solutions, big data analysis, machine learning and more. These progressive tools allow Randstad Hong Kong to further enhance the customer experience process and provide more valuable and meaningful data-based information for decision making. By combining their human touch with technological expertise, Randstad Hong Kong aims to be present at all stages of people’s careers and enhance their employability in the fast-moving talentscape. Their innovative approach allows them to empower their clients and in turn add value to the economy, both now and in the future. Clients are at the heart of Randstad Hong Kong, and their top priority is ensuring that their employees are equipped with the latest market intelligence on employment, talent mobility and labour laws through in-depth market research and surveys to spark and facilitate meaningful conversations. Randstad invests in the development of their own people through robust training and development programmes, inter- team and cross-market collaborations as well as well as its pursuit in attaining a productive work-life balance. On a global and local level, Randstad Hong Kong has launched several digital-led campaigns to communicate the important impacts on the economy and employment markets. RandstadHongKong is the leadingHR services firmin the Asia Pacific region thatprovides talent recruitment services andworkforcemanagement solutions.We explore the firm’s road to success to earn themselves the Best Recruitment Agency 2020 in this year’s APACBusiness Awards. Randstad Hong Kong Contact: Natellie Sun, Managing Director, Search & Selection, Greater China Company: Randstad Hong Kong Web Address: Along with much of the world, the firm has felt the impact of COVID-19 as the employment market was significantly disrupted by rising economic and business uncertainties. But this has also given the company the opportunity to put their HR technology and digital marketing capabilities into the spotlight. Through proactive client engagement and a boost in their digital presence, Randstad Hong Kong provide their clients with uninterrupted market insights and workforce management support since the start of the pandemic. The firm has conducted timely market research and surveys related to the impact of the pandemic on the job market, and this has enabled them to provide organisations with valuable and new insights on enhancing their employee experience and engagement. In light of the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, the company has also expanded its an innovative talent mobility and outplacement services, Randstad Risesmart to more markets within Asia Pacific. Randstad Risesmarthelps companies looking to transition their workforce by providing them support in effective outplacement and redeployment solutions that aim to protect the employer brand, as well as career development and coaching services to those affected to better their chances at long-term employability in a constantly changing market. Looking to what the future holds, Randstad Hong Kong firmly believes that talent recruitment will be at the helm of leading the economic recovery around the globe. Randstad Hong Kong aims to push their digital transformation plans forward and drive market recovery in Greater China in the crucial months ahead. Oct20151 Best Recruitment Agency 2020 – Asia “The COVID-19 pandemic did nothing to deter us. In fact, it has created a newenergy for our people.”