Business Awards 2020

34 APAC / Business Awards 2020 , Like the fable itself, Stone Soup is formed of a talented group of resourceful and motivated creative individuals brought together by the hunger and desire to collaborate and create. The team aim to produce meaningful proactive and inspiring work in the areas of film, documentary and commercial productions. With an extensive network of incredible partners, Stone Soup offers clients with a complete service which ranges from initial conception, through to production, post-production and distribution. They strive and thrive to push the creative boundaries whenever possible and promise to bring this unique hunger and innovative energy to every production. This unique approach is what the team at Stone Soup live by and it has not changed since they began their journey back in 2013. Founded by four Canadians back in 2012, Stone Soup is based in Taipei, Taiwan where many of their crew and teams are local Taiwanese residents. Taiwan is an incredibly diverse country with so much to offer, and the company’s founders love the culture there and embrace it at every turn. From huge cities with sprawling sky scrapers and beach towns with single streets, to rainforests and jungles galore, even mountains and rivers – there isn’t one setting the Stone Soup team can’t find to shoot in on the beautiful island. Throughout the years, Stone Soup have thoroughly enjoyed working with teams or companies on realizing their shoots possibilities here with their extensive knowledge of Taiwan and the Asian region. However, one of the challenges that the team have faced daily has been getting crews into hard to reach areas of the island and sometimes language barriers with their clients and teams. The team are able to overcome this by breaking down these barriers with their local crews who work closely with Stone Soup on each and every production. When working with new staff or crew, Stone Soup only ask that individuals be themselves, be creative and bring 110% to the set. Whilst many industries have been impacted greatly by the uncertainty that Covid-19 has caused, Stone Soup have been fortunate that their work load has not slowed down. In February 2020, Taiwan closed its border and today there are no community cases of the virus which means the team has been able to go out shooting on a daily basis as they were in 2019. With a number of projects already in the pipeline, the future at Stone Soup is looking very exciting! For example, the team are moving Most Innovative Video Production Company - Taiwan Founded by a name and ethos inspired by storytelling as both an art and communication form, Stone Soup ProductionCompany is an award-winning borderless production company taking the industry by storm. Having recently been recognised inAPAC Insider’s APAC Business Awards 2020, we profiled the firmto discover how the teamat Stone Soup have established a reputation in the industry as being one of themost innovative video production companies in Taiwan today. Oct20620 Company: Stone Soup Production Company Contact: Luke Cameron Web Address: Stone Soup Production Company forward on their second narrative feature film next year and have plans to be shooting a new film each year for the foreseeable future. If this wasn’t exciting enough, on top of the narrative feature film, the company also have teams in place to continue with commercial, corporate and documentary shoots and will be exploring the idea of fostering new local talent to head up some of these teams. The entire Stone Soup team come from creative backgrounds and so any idea brought forward is relevant. In addition to this, the founders welcome new and innovative ways of thinking on each and every project as they want to create unique and exciting content. Having just seen a glimpse of what the future has in store for the team, it is safe to say Stone Soup will continue to deliver extraordinary content in the years to come and we simply cannot wait.