Business Awards 2020

33 APAC / Business Awards 2020 , In 1987, AGAPI Care was launched with a commitment of delivering tailored services and support to people in Victoria living with a disability, enabling such individuals to live a fuller life with access to the same opportunities available to all. Since its inception, AGAPI Care has developed a group of services that are aimed to meet the needs of people with disabilities by providing them with choices that will ultimately assist them in reaching their full potential. The organisation was founded by a group of Greek-Australian parents who were unwavering in their belief that their children with a disability were entitled to the same access to programs and services as other members of the community, without prejudice or disadvantage. AGAPI Care have developed a group of services to support individuals living with a disability offering support in; independent living, social and community participation, independent skills development and in-home care. We spoke with Chief Executive Officer, Mary Gakopoulos about how they have managed to maintain their service and the adaptions that they have made in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. “AGAPI Care has taken a cautious, proactive approach towards the containment and prevention of Coronavirus. We continuously monitor and evaluate information provided to us by the Government and in line with our essential services role in the Victorian Community Sector. AGAPI Care remains committed to providing and maintaining services at a high level during the pandemic.” As the team support many vulnerable individuals, it has remained important for those individuals to continue receiving assistance throughout the pandemic, whilst ensuring adequate precautions are taken to support the safety and well-being of each person the team provide services to. The team at AGAPI Care have certainly demonstrated unwavering services and commitment throughout the pandemic despite the extra challenges presented to them. With the holistic approach taken by the team, AGAPI Care have demonstrated their ability to deliver quality services and pursue a culture of continuous improvement ensuring the best quality care for all those they work with. The platform they have created offers flexibility and adaptability, something which is necessary as the needs for each individual supported vary so much. The internal team are supported well, and the organisational culture is strong, training is on-going and employee autonomy is key, meaning that those they serve receive the best possible service tailored to their individual needs. Mary Gakopoulos went on to say, The key focus for the dedicated not-for-profit organisation AGAPI Care Inc. is to empower people with disabilities to choose their own life journey. APAC Insider spoke with Chief Executive OfficerMary Gakopoulos about their cause and what led to their success in this year’s APAC Business Awards. AGAPI Care Inc. Organisation: AGAPI Care Inc. Website: “We are proud of the way in which staff have adapted to a challenging and ever changing operating environment, including the vast majority of staff moving to work remotely, without interruption to their activities or to our client services.” This is no small feat for a not-for-profit organisation who provide vital services to vulnerable individuals. With quality of care and service, and organisational culture being key drivers for the organisation, here at APAC Insider we are confident that AGAPI Care will continue to deliver throughout the pandemic and beyond, we look forward to seeing their return in next year’s APAC Business Awards. Nov20187 Most Trusted Disability Support Service Provider – Victoria “Mary is proud to be part of this organisation and its commitment to accepting an inclusive community for all peoplewith disabilities.”