Business Awards 2020

31 APAC / Business Awards 2020 , Globe Teleservices (GTS) is a Singapore-based telecommunications company, providing diversified and technologically advanced solutions to global telecom players. A new age telecommunications company, GTS pushes the boundaries to build cost-effective and smart solutions for its customers. Primarily focusing on solutions in the fraud management and enterprise domain. GTS strongly believes in designing tailor made solutions that fit to the need of each customer, solving the unique problems thereby helping them to drive revenues, while protecting their networks and securing the customer experience. GTS is a leading voice, messaging, and managed-service provider across continents making them a key player in the international telecom landscape. With a close relationship with 100 mobile operators the team at GTS is able to provide telecom companies solutions that have a direct impact on revenues and customer engagement. Some of these solutions include Voice and Messaging AntiFraud firewall solution, cPaaS, IUC platform for carrier services. Mobile Network Operators choose GTS for the state-of-the-art solutions that are developed using the latest technology and the customer service aiming at creating unbeatable experiences. With more than 350 employees, GTS has a worldwide presence with offices in locations including Dubai, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Kenya, and Tanzania giving GTS the clear advantage of great expertise, international knowledge as well as access to a great service network to call upon. GTS’ solutions have found place in leading telecom operators across the world. GTS has announced a range of wins and partnerships in the growing economies over the past few years. For every telecombusiness having a trusted and smart technology partner is crucial to success. APAC Insider caught up with pioneering telecom solutions provider Globe Teleservices (GTS) to discover what makes them stand out from the crowd in the telecoms industry and what led to their recent success in the APAC Business Awards 2020. Globe Teleservices Pte. Ltd. Company: Globe Teleservices Pte. Ltd. Website: With access to the latest technology, a widespread network and a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals it is no wonder that this dynamic business is rapidly building a differentiated brand for itself in the field of telecom solution providers. Here at APAC Insider, we’re confident that 2021 will bring further successes for the team at GTS. Oct20257 Best Telcom Services Provider 2020 – Eurasia AshutoshAgarwal, Managing Director, Globe Teleservices says, “The key focus ofMobile network operators today is on reducing revenue leakages and acquiring the trust of the consumers.With our cutting edge technology solutions, we are confident in enablingMNO to achieve both the outcomes.”