Business Awards 2020

30 APAC / Business Awards 2020 , Established in 2014, Pureum Law Office was created to provide access to fair legal assistance for foreigners in Korea. Specialising in Criminal Law, Immigration Law, Family Law (Divorce and Inheritance), and Debt Collection, Pureum employs decades of combined legal experience and bilingual or multilingual skills to ensure their clients get the best representation possible. Driven by integrity and fairness, Pureum was created for the excess of 2.5 million foreigners residing in Korea, who have limited access to good and fair legal representation due to language barriers, lack of information and cultural differences. For many law firms, learning the intricate details of immigration law or cases that have cross-border legal implications is too challenging or simply unfeasible. Pureum disagrees. As a Managing Partner, Simon D. Lee tells us, “The APAC region is one of the most dynamically developing regions in the world. For this reason, we have gathered significant experience working with foreign investors, specialists, students, and other foreigners, all of whom come to Korea because of the endless business and academic opportunities this country, located in the heart of the APAC region, can offer.” Regardless of what has brought a client to Korea, Pureum is ready and eager to assist them in whatever legal matter they may face. The firm takes a client-centric approach to the law, assessing their situation from their perspective so as to fully understand the client’s requirements and how to source a solution which best suits their needs, also factoring in budgets and timelines of their clients. The high standard of service that Pureum has become known for throughout Korea and beyond has been instrumental in their successful growth and development in a famously competitive market that often stifles small and medium-sized businesses before they have the chance to unlock their full potential. As such, those who join the Pureum team are recruited for their bright enthusiasm and skillset, as well as their values which coincide with Pureum’s. In order to maintain high levels of customer service, communication skills are also a vital attribute for any potential candidate, and all of the Pureum team are either bilingual or multilingual, prioritising English and Korean. 2020 was one of the busiest years for Pureuem as many foreign clients were keen on extending their stay as long-term residents or expanding their businesses in Korea with the outbreak of COVID-19 Most Trusted Expat Law Specialist - South Korea PureumLawOffice is aKorean legal firmspecialising in providing services inCriminal Law, Immigration Law, Family Law(Divorce and Inheritance), andDebt Collection for foreigners inKorea. The firm, led by SimonD. Leewas established to give foreigners access to fair legal assistance, that is usually hard to find for expats inKorea due to language barriers or lack of knowledge regarding laws and policies in different countries. Oct20756 Contact: Simon D. Lee, Esq. Company: Pureum Law Office Web Address: Email: [email protected] PureumLawOffice Simon D. Lee, Esq. more severe in other countries compared to South Korea. Despite the ongoing global pandemic, the firm remains optimistic, seeking new opportunities to continue their growth and eventually become the best law firm that will continue to serve the needs of foreigners both within Korea and overseas for many years to come.