Business Awards 2020

29 APAC / Business Awards 2020 , It is plain to see that Apartment Specialists Ltd. have caused disruption within the real estate agency world in New Zealand over this last decade, with a powerful marketing tool aimed to drive the best possible price for the customer. Whilst many agencies focus on their own listing of a property and often become very protective of the apartment or house they are marketing, The team at Apartment Specialists Ltd. have turned this strategy on its head and instead invite other agents to their listings bringing forward as many potential buyers as possible. ‘Higher prices brings us more business’ is their mantra and its working For example, commission is available to other agents including their competitors, whilst this may seem like a risky move, this unique marketing strategy has meant customers have received maximum price tags for their assets and it has gained this forward-thinking agency a great deal of exposure and recognition in the market. Andrew Murray commented, “Agents I find can put their own goals of selling the property ahead of the actual sale and in my opinion by what’s called ‘protecting your listing.’ This is not what’s best for the vendor. Achieving the best price from the whole market is our job, not just one agent or agencies part of it and the difference can be 10’s of thousands of dollars” Andrew and his team are extremely passionate about doing best by the vendor which has driven a great deal of trust in the market as well as exponential company growth. Apartment owners are put first at Apartment Specialists Ltd., a promise which drives the business to achieving prices at the top end of market value for customers. In the eight years since inception this dynamic business has grown to become pioneers within the field of property sales and more specifically apartment sales. Customers have the freedom of no exclusive contract and are likely to gain a greater number of viewings, when compared with neighbouring agencies. Vendors and buyers alike are drawn to the transparency of the business process which drives this agency. In addition to this, customers are also provided with the latest apartment news and updates, valuation tools in order to educate vendors and buyers on current market value of apartments, details of the best time of year to sell in order to gain the best price, as well as detail of how they as individuals can positively impact the price they receive. Apartment Specialists Ltd.’s customers feel empowered by their experience, many sharing their positive experiences online for all to see, making this strategy very powerful. Informed customers who have received a great service shout out about their positive experience, hear at APAC Insider we look forward to hearing more of Apartment Specialists Ltd.’s success in the market over the course of 2021 and beyond. Customers who come to Auckland-based Apartment Specialists Ltd. can expect to receive the highest price for their asset, a hassle-free approach and a great service with a smile. APAC Insider caught upwith Director AndrewMurray to discover what led to NewZealand’s leading apartment agency boasting a further accolade with the recent award win in this year’s APAC Business Awards. Apartment Specialists Group Ltd Company: Apartment Specialists Group Ltd Website: Sep201126 Best Apartment Agency 2020 - New Zealand